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‘Run BTS!’ episode 58 reaction: Chef BTS is my new favorite cooking show

Back in the kitchen, the Bangtan Boys get started cooking their Italian meals on Run BTS! episode 58 and I couldn’t be happier to watch the chaos!

‘Run BTS!’ episode 58 reaction:

For the second episode of Run BTS! 2019, BTS is back with their Italian cooking competition! When we last saw the boys, they had just been set loose in the kitchen to start preparing their dishes.

The teams were split up into Team Ref — Suga, RM, and J-Hope. Team Boxing — Jin and Jungkook. And team 95 line — Jimin and V. Of all the teams, Jimin and V were looking the most nervous as they learned about their recipes so it should definitely be interesting to see how theirs turns out!

The Run BTS! episode 58 sends us right into all of the chaos of BTS getting their dishes started. They haven’t even really begun yet but the kitchen already seems like a hot mess and the poor chef is constantly being asked questions.

Team Ref divides up the work with Suga starting to season the meat (and adorably humming) while J-Hope and RM begin to work on the sauce with guidance from the actual chef. Can we have a moment of appreciation for the way J-Hope says “Blender please!”

Meanwhile, the 95 line also decides to split up their work with V going to start on the pasta while Jimin starts the sauce. Jimin worries about when they will make their meat but starts on the pasta anyways. Maybe they should have asked the chef first on this one?

For some reason Jungkook and Jin help out RM and J-Hope with their basil even though this is supposed to be a competition. I guess they’re too used to all being on the same team?

Suga starts to cook some garlic for their meal, and I don’t know if there’s anything more visually appealing than watching his confidence in the kitchen. Once Jungkook sees that his hyung is using chopsticks, he asks where they are. As usual the maknae is always learning from his hyungs.

The cameras catch V smiling innocently, even though he just realized that he’s been standing around for a few minutes waiting for his water to boil but turned on the wrong burner. Jimin continues to worry about his sauce, but takes time to eat tomatoes. They’re both being cuties so hopefully their meals aren’t a complete disaster.

Sauce boys RM and J-Hope are still trying to figure out the right combination of ingredients. And Jin hilariously saves RM from mistakenly thinking that pasta is garlic. I still don’t know why Jin has time to just hang out with these two though.

Finally, the maknae calls his teammate over to figure out what seasonings are on their meat. Then they start looking for the salt to use, and Jungkook becomes salt bae. They also come up with the idea to add bacon in for extra flavor.

RM and J-Hope are still working on the sauce, and now adding cheese in to the mix which brings the interest of both V and Suga. When they start to blend it all together, they get even more attention from the maknae and V as they try to figure out how to make it work.

As those two debate over what they should add to their sauce to make it better, Suga starts to grill their meat. RM and J-Hope keep adding different things to their sauce to try and make it better. First thinking they need more things then realizing they made it too strong. I started to think the pesto would never be done.

When they finally do finish, they bring it over to Suga to realize that he already cooked the pasta and has it waiting. So he begins to stir fry the noodles while Jin is next to him freaked out about all the heat from the stove. They still manage to look like professionals though.

Suga hands off the finished pasta to J-Hope and tells him to get it all decorated. But before they can add their sauce, the chef takes a test and advices they add some more salt or cheese. So I guess the sauce isn’t done after all. From afar, Suga tells them to add on cheese at the end so it’s not bland.

When the chef tells them they’re running out of time, Jimin hurries off to start their meat while their pasta boils. They also worry they don’t have enough sauce but V says that he will make it work.

Team Ref is the first to finish their dish, after getting a taste test approval. Team Boxing puts the finishing touches on theirs too and is done right after. Rushing to finish, team 95 gets theirs plated last.

They actually all look delicious sitting on the plates, at least I think so, it seems like it could be anyone’s game. The boys each take the time to describe their plates before the chef tries them out, and they also name them.

The chef tries team Ref’s first, and he compliments Suga’s grilling right off the bat. His teammates complement Suga’s great cooking skills as the chef is impressed with the meal. Jungkook even tries a taste of Suga’s steak and seems worried about theirs now.

Team Boxing has their tried next and even though they’re not sure how well it’s cooked, the chef still says it’s good even though he wishes it was seasoned a little more. But they get great compliments on the creativity with their pasta.

Finally, it’s team 95 who are extra nervous. The chef understands that the team struggled and says that their dish worked well together.

When it’s time to name the winner, they learn that there’s a twist. After the tasting evaluation, team Ref came in first place while the other two teams tied!

To figure out who will come in second place, and who will have to make the others coffee and cleanup they play rock, paper, scissors. Because that’s the only way to decide things in the house of Bangtan. After all their hard work cooking, they get to enjoy all of the food. Even if Suga complains that his steak is pretty cold now.

Jimin and V go off to make everyone’s drinks and decide to play a trick on one of the members by putting salt in. As soon as they hand Suga his soda, mixed with salt, their hyung knows they messed with it. Jungkook tries the drink too and figures out it’s salt.

Then the youngsters have to head into the kitchen to clean up everyone’s disaster. At least they can have fun together while doing it?

Where to watch ‘Run BTS!’ 2019 online:

Fans can watch Run BTS! for free on their official V Live account here! Channel + subscribers can also gain access to behind the scene clips and images.

Run BTS! 2019 will air on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. KST / 7:00 a.m. EST!

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