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‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2, episode 4 review: Have you ever smelled the rain?

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Michael and Isobel both made huge leaps in Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 4, “What If God Was One of Us?”

And surprisingly, so did Max! This episode was huge for the alien siblings, and made big plot advancements for many of the show’s lead characters. It looks like we’re starting to move beyond the fallout of season 1 to develop some new storylines for Roswell, New Mexico season 2.

I’ll start at the Crashdown Cafe because I can’t wait another moment to talk about the perfection that is Arturo Ortecho. The “Pancake Papi” already had my heart, but he secured it even further in Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 4.

Isobel looks like the weight of the world has been lifted off her shoulders after finally shaking any trace of Noah, and she’s eager to take on some heavy lifting for the people around her.

I love that the bond she solidified with Liz in her darkness has made its way into the light, and I can’t wait to see what these two can do together.

It’s Isobel’s trust in Liz, along with her belief in her own power, that’s allowing her to be filled with optimism even though Max is still bound to his pod.

roswell new mexico, arturo

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Isobel trying to warm Arturo up to Rosa’s resurrection. It’s one thing to try to help, but what she was doing felt a lot more like butting into the Ortecho family matters.

However, the Ortechos were obviously fine with it, so what do I know? Butt away, Isobel. I do like how Isobel mentioned that Liz was busy saving her family, so she would help save hers.

I was surprised by how easily Rosa opened up to Isobel. Rosa’s not shy, but she tends to arm herself with quips and sarcasm around most people.

She seemed to let Isobel right in, despite the fact that it would be perfectly reasonable for her to be afraid of her. You know, because of the whole murder thing. I’m assuming her ease must be indicative of the past relationship they shared, even though Isobel wasn’t actually a part of it.

It was a great idea to use Arturo’s faith to help him accept Rosa’s resurrection. I’m happy that Arturo’s path to discovery wasn’t lined with tumult and hurt.

I honestly couldn’t have handled seeing him go through that. The only downside of how easy it was, is that we’re forfeiting more potential Arturo screentime.

Hopefully that will all be replaced with Ortecho family bonding time though! It was so heartbreaking to hear that Arturo’s one dream was to get Rosa’s forgiveness. He’s been carrying that guilt around for so long with no hope of getting what he desired.

It was also beautiful to hear how much Arturo meant to Rosa. The man cares for his daughters so much, and I can’t wait to see him love them and make them pancakes all the time.

Isobel also debuted some new powers in Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 4, while helping the Ortechos.

It looks like she’s mastered the craft of telekinesis, and she even pulled out a little Max when giving that memory to Arturo. It looks like she was able to do it without that pesky handprint scar too!

roswell new mexico season 4, isobel evans

I absolutely loved Michael and Alex in this episode of Roswell, New Mexico, even if it made me really, really miss their romance.

I think what they’re going through together right now is going to be so important for if/when they get back together, and I’m loving every minute of it.

It was amazing seeing them working together, bonding over their trauma, and even having a blast setting Wyatt’s horses free. Just adorable boys being adorable boys.

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Guerin needs to replace the pain he currently associates with Alex with good memories, and this is doing just that. The fact that a Manes was responsible for capturing his mother makes this even more clear.

As their friendship grows and Guerin begins to further disassociate Alex from the deeds of his family, their bond will become even deeper.

I was sad that they uncovered most of Nora and Louise’s story in Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 4, because I was looking forward to seeing more flashbacks of them in the town.

It looks like most of their time was spent in their savior’s barn, trying to build a ship to get themselves and their children, since it looks like Louise was Isobel and Max’s mother, home.

I don’t know how I feel about Isobel and Max being biological siblings. It’s just another way that Guerin is separate from them, which I wish wasn’t the case. I would like for them all to be siblings, or none of them to be.

I’m also not sure what basis they’re using to determine that Louise was Max and Isobel’s mother in the first place, so we’ll wait and see.

Another random highlight from the Malex scenes in this episode was learning that aliens smell like rain! Leave it to Alex to notice something like that and put it so poetically.

roswell new mexico season 2

Most of Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 4 had me absolutely certain that Liz and Kyle were going to fall in love before Max got back, but then it all unraveled before it even began. The sparks ignited, the flame appeared, and then it quickly burned out. All in one episode.

Honestly, I was kind of disappointed that the show didn’t let this play out longer. Obviously, some progress needed to be made with Max, but I was really enjoying the chemistry between these two.

Their minds connect, their humor matches, that kiss was pretty epic…don’t come for me Echo shippers (I love them too), but I was rooting for those two geniuses.

That being said, Kyle’s speech made perfect sense. I’m sure many of us know, all too well, the feeling he’s describing. He loves being her rock, but that means he’s standing still.

What a great line. Kudos, Roswell, New Mexico writers. I really hope this storyline isn’t over, because I love seeing emotional Kyle, and Steph’s just not doing it for me yet.

It was also very cute seeing Kyle treat his mother for her birthday, and it’s really sad that he has to lie to her. He’s definitely made a lot of sacrifices for Liz, so I absolutely get where he’s coming from.

Hopefully Sheriff Valenti will be too busy investigating all these abductions to continue poking around in Noah’s death. Cameron is the latest victim, so it will be very interesting to see what she’s like if/when she returns. I love Mimi, but she’s far from a reliable source for this kind of thing.

Maybe the increased interest of the aliens and the surge in Max’s pod has something to do with “the Alighting.” Maybe Max knows something we don’t about it, making him hesitant to return. Either way, I’m sure his fight will be futile, and we’ll find out when he’s resurrected, seemingly sooner than later!

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