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‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2, episode 10 review: So many Manes men

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Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 10 blessed us with new siblings and old lovers.

It seems like every episode of Roswell, New Mexico season 2 has given us a new Manes man to have complicated feelings about. Alex’s blood ties in Roswell run deeper than we ever could have imagined, and from what we can tell, for every Manes man trying to help the aliens, there was another one trying to hurt them.

In Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 10, we met Alex’s brother, Gregory Manes. He apparently escaped the tyranny of their father and fled to the reservation where their mother grew up. Although he’s found his own freedom there, he still feels tied down by the chains that Jesse keeps Alex in. It sounds like the Manes men desperately need to have a family reunion to hash some of this out. Shirts optional…

It was interesting that reconnecting with his brother who got away from Jesse actually made Alex want to cling on to his father even tighter. I was shocked when Alex asked Michael for the alien debris so he could give it to his father.

He claimed that he just wanted to see what he would do with it, but he gave himself away when he confessed to Michael that he couldn’t live in the tool shed for the rest of his life. Things got even darker when he said “there’s one way for me off of this planet.” I would say that we need to keep our baby Manes safe at all costs, but somebody has already decided that won’t be the case. I’m guessing that Deep Sky officially has one more piece of the alien puzzle and yet another mind to erase. Not Alex! He’s too pure!

roswell new mexico season 2 episode 9

The visit to Gregory also turned out to be life changing for Isobel, Max, and surprisingly Maria. I love that Isobel’s gift allowed her to get a first hand account from someone who knew and cared for her mother. Through Harrison, we got to dive into Louise’s beautiful life of healing and protecting her children at all costs.

One of the most interesting things that we learned about Louise in Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 10, was that she had another baby! And it turns out there was no reason for Isobel to fret, or for Michael to offer his alien baby gravy (it feels gross even to write it), because her alien-earthling hybrid baby survived and lived to become Maria’s grandmother.

We now know exactly why Maria’s family is stifled by the alien antidote flower and why they have powers to begin with. They’re part alien! I’m eager to find out more about why their alien powers also have a degenerative effect on them, and if that can be remedied for any future alien/human combos. For now, Maria has decided to wear a bracelet to mask her powers, but everyone seems to be hungry for information, so I hope they unlock more about the potential of the DiLuca family.

I’m officially terrified for Maria’s latest vision to manifest on Roswell, New Mexico. She looked more scared than I’ve ever seen her, which means that the season 2 “big bad” is probably going to be even bigger and badder than Noah was.

We may even have caught a glimpse of the upcoming villain in the Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 10 flashback. Louise, who apparently is not Max’s mother, saved him by cutting his chains before engaging in an epic alien sword fight. It turns out the material used to build their spaceship is also used for weapons, so hopefully Michael can discover a lot more about it fast!

It’s so weird to think of Max and Isobel not being siblings. They have such a profound connection, and I completely understand why Max was shaken by the news. However, the fact that they’re not connected by blood almost makes their connection even more powerful. They’ve simply developed such a strong bond, rather than being born with it.

roswell new mexico season 2 episode 10, maria and isobel

While the aliens tried to discover whatever they could about their parents, Liz was desperately hoping that Arturo wouldn’t be discovered. Unfortunately, some ICE agents asked for ID that he didn’t have, and took him away despite the protestations of both Liz and the hospital staff.

There’s a fine line between doing your job and being completely inhumane, and the ICE agents in Roswell, New Mexico season 2, episode 10 definitely crossed it. It was heartbreaking to see Arturo treated with such hostility despite how cooperative he was being. It was infuriating to see Liz continually being ignored in her reasonable requests. I loved that Jenna “used her privilege” to stand up for them.

Without knowing more about how the real ICE operates, I find it difficult to review these scenes as social commentary, rather than just parts of a Roswell, New Mexico episode. I certainly don’t dispute that racism exists and is prevalent, and that immigrants (illegal or not) can be treated with a complete absence of dignity and respect. While this seems like an extreme example, maybe it isn’t. Either way, I’m glad that Roswell, New Mexico is continuing to tell this important story through the eyes of Liz and Arturo.

I’m even more glad that Diego, who might objectively be the world’s most beautiful human, saved the day and brought Arturo home. He even gracefully endured the awkward meeting of the new boyfriend, despite probably lying about seeing someone himself. I really like Diego, and as much drama as it would likely cause, I kind of hope this isn’t the last time we see him.

I love that Max still had time to feel inferior to Diego with everything else that he had going on. Thankfully, Liz eased his mind so he could get back to concentrating on his scary heart problems and the fact that he might be the big bad that everyone’s afraid of.

A taste for murder is never a great thing, but if Louise saved him, I can’t believe that he’s that bad. However, I am still desperate to know more about “what” he came from and why he was chained up. Hopefully we find out more on the next episode of Roswell, New Mexico.

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