10:00 am EDT, December 27, 2017

‘Roseanne’ revival teaser pokes fun at itself

Roseanne is coming back to television, and the show just released a new first teaser to get us pumped for the March 27 premiere.

With movies cashing in on nostalgia, it’s no surprise television has followed suit. Well-loved classics like Will & Grace have returned to the small screen, The Office and Mad About You are stirring revival rumors, and in March, we’ll get to revisit the Conner family with a revival of Roseanne.

Of course, Roseanne will have to do a bit of retconning to explain the events of the series finale. The Roseanne finale was infamously dark, and killed off beloved character Dan Conner (John Goodman). Because of that, Goodman’s presence in the revival has been puzzling (albeit exciting) for fans.

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While the cast has been pretty tight-lipped about how they’ll explain Dan’s presence in the show, the new trailer for the revival poked a bit of fun at themselves.

Roseanne takes a shot at her own show, quipping “When things are gone, they’re gone forever.” The teaser perfectly acknowledges not only the show’s return, but the dead or recast characters reuniting with the Conner family.

And while Dan’s death is likely one of the largest hurdles the revival has to deal with, there’s also the issue of Becky Conner. The character was played by actress Alicia Goranson, and then Sarah Chalke once Goranson left the show.

While Goranson will be playing Becky in the revival, Chalke has also been cast. However, Chalke and Goranson won’t be swapping Becky duties this time around. Entertainment Weekly reports Chalke’s role will wink to the casting swap back in the nineties with Chalke playing a woman hired to be Becky’s surrogate.

It all feels hilariously perfect, and we can’t wait for the revival to premiere on March 27!

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