1:20 pm EDT, April 4, 2013

Robert Downey Jr. does ‘Gangnam Style’ while promoting ‘Iron Man 3’ in South Korea

Robert Downey Jr. has started the worldwide press tour for Iron Man 3 and his first stop is South Korea, where he was nice enough to pull some “Gangnam Style” dance moves while posing for press photos.

Iron Man 3 tour press shot smallRobert Downey Jr. shot off his worldwide press tour for Iron Man 3 in South Korea yesterday. The tour will be taking him to Beijing, Moscow, Munich, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and finally New York. Perhaps emulating Tony Stark himself, Downey performed “Gangnam Style” for fans and press that got a few shots of the actor taking a few pointers from the worldwide phenomenon.

During the press event he started off by thanking the fans for coming out to the airport and said, “First off all I really want to do is thank the fans that came to the airport yesterday to greet me in Korea.” Even Downey was surprised Iron Man fans showed up at the airport.

Again mentioning his long flight, he stated that it was “a very lovely surprise” to see all the fans out in force already, even before he had arrived at the Seoul press event.

Downey was asked questions about the success of the Iron Man franchise, as well as The Avengers, and he expressed how grateful he was to the positive responses that his films had seen in the last few years. Concerning Iron Man 3, and whether it would hold water to The Avengers he said that he’s his toughest critic and said that, “I think this third one is really worth a couple hours to spend to go to see at a theater.”

Iron Man 3 tour gangham style 1

While Iron Man 2 was a financial success, the film received mixed reviews from its audience and we imagine by bringing in new director Shane Black, the studio hoped to bring back that spark which was felt in the first Iron Man film. Robert Downey Jr. went on to say that they “figured it would be nice to get back to a little more of what we saw in the first Iron Man, which is Tony in the suit a little bit less, or only in parts of the suit, or developing a bunch of new suits for your viewing pleasure.”

We’re definitely excited to hear that he and the rest of the cast and crew decided to head back to the roots of the first film, in hopes that having a more in-depth story would make for a higher quality film.

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He also mentioned that a majority of Iron Man 3’s story takes place outside of New York and Los Angeles, saying “It is a road trip of sorts,” further explaining that he is simply “a worker amongst workers… just another person,” which he hopes will be helpful in relating to audiences around the globe.

We imagine there will be loads of new interviews and photos of Downey as he jets around the world for Iron Man 3’s press tour and there’s already another TV spot which was released earlier this morning that gives us our first look at some individuals in the film who’ve been given the “Extremis” virus. Check out the new Iron Man 3 TV spot below:

Let us know what you think of the new teaser and what you think about Robert Downey Jr. performing a little “Gangnam Style” for his South Korean fans. Iron Man 3 is less than a month away now from its May 3 U.S. release date. It will be released in international theaters a week earlier on April 26.

Source: THR
Video source: CBM

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