Last week a new rumor had surfaced suggesting that Summit/Lionsgate was talking about how to spin off The Twilight Saga by way of following different characters in a film or TV show.

While promoting Breaking Dawn – Part 2 earlier today in Australia (and looking good doing it!), lead actor Rob Pattinson personally confirmed the talk.

“‘I keep hearing things – from the studio as well,” Pattinson said to The Herald Sun. He was asked if he’d be interested in being involved with the spin off to which Pattinson said he wouldn’t rule anything out. “I don’t say ‘definitely not’ to anything – just in case.”

Interestingly, the quotes have been pulled from the source article but live on across the internet. This is the first time we’re hearing directly from a reliable source that a spin off is being talked about. Summit had denied rumors of a remake in June but never addressed the spin off issue.

One idea reportedly being kicked around is a spin off featuring the Wolf Pack. It is unknown whether it would be a television show or a film. While we’re happy to hear that Pattinson wouldn’t rule out being involved, author Stephenie Meyer has made it clear she’s finished with Bella’s story, and for that reason we think the main three characters (Edward, Bella, and Jacob) would not be involved.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will be released November 16. The cast and crew are just getting started with their promotional duties, and we’ll continue to cover the most interesting bits from their interviews as they surface.

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