12:00 pm EDT, April 15, 2018

‘Riverdale’: 8 teases for the musical ‘A Night to Remember’

Here are 8 spoiler-free teases for the very special musical episode of Riverdale, “A Night to Remember.”

Carrie: The Musical is coming to Riverdale High in season 2, episode 18, “A Night to Remember.” What happens when music meets the murderous series? It’s even more brilliantly over the top than ever before! Here are some spoiler-free teases for the episode.

1. There are multiple group music numbers with full choreography

riverdale, a night to remember

Riverdale isn’t going halfway on the whole musical thing. Every one of your favorite characters will be shaking it up on that stage and singing their hearts out in perfect harmony. The episode doesn’t skimp on the musical numbers, either. It feels like a real musical, with songs punching up all the big emotional moments.

2. Two friendships have a ‘sing-and-make-up’ moment

riverdale, betty, veronica, 2x18, carrie

The friendships in Riverdale season 2 are more disjointed than ever before. Luckily, nothing brings people together like a musical. Two sets of besties will be brought together by the power of song in season 2, episode 18.

3. Archie finally chooses a side

Archie has been walking the line between the Lodges and the rest of his family and friends for a while now. In “A Night to Remember,” Archie takes a stand and chooses a side, once and for all.

4. Two villainous characters are redeemed

You never really know who’s good and bad on Riverdale. It’s part of the beauty of the show. In episode 2×18, two characters who’ve been on the dark side find their way back to the light.

5. Bughead is sleuthing again…

The power couple is doing what they do best, when mysterious new threats lead them to a whole new suspect.

6. …but Barchie fans will have their moment too

With Betty and Archie playing opposite each other in Carrie: The Musical, there’s more than one cute musical moment between the two that Barchie fans will lose their minds over.

7. Cheryl has one of her craziest moments yet

Given what Cheryl’s been through in season 2, this is really saying something, but she takes things to a whole new level in “A Night to Remember.” However, when you see what her mom does to her in the episode, you might not blame her.

8. The episode ends with a bloody surprise

That’s all we’re going to say about this one!

Riverdale’s “A Night to Remember” premieres on April 18 at 8/7c on the CW. Check out the trailer here!

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