9:46 pm EDT, August 29, 2018

‘Riverdale’ debuts jam-packed new teaser for season 3

Riverdale debuted a jaw-dropping new teaser trailer for season 3 and it’s bound to make you even more excited for new episodes to start airing on The CW!

The Riverdale season 2 finale left fans with more questions than it did answers — especially after Archie found himself getting dragged off to jail thanks to none other than Hiram Lodge.

Now, fans are getting another first look at what’s in store for season 3, and if there’s one thing we’re taking away from the latest teaser trailer for the series, it’s that things over in the Town With Pep are about to heat up even more than they already have.

The hit CW series took to Twitter to share the newest teaser for season 3 with fans far and wide.

“Do what it takes to survive,” tweeted the show’s official account. “New episodes of #Riverdale return Wednesday, October 10 on The CW!”

The teaser kicks things off by giving us our first look at Archie getting hauled off to the big house before moving into a montage of some of our favorite characters, including Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, and Toni.

As the cast teased during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con this past July, season 3 will find the Southside Serpents squaring off against Hiram and the Ghoulies, and it looks like they might be gaining one more new recruit.

We already know Cheryl and Betty are all in, but there’s a moment in the trailer where we catch a glimpse of Archie sporting what seems to be a Southside Serpents tattoo. Could Riverdale’s golden boy be the next to pledge his loyalty to the Southside?

Archie isn’t the only one who’s noticeably cozying up to the Serpents. Later on in the tailer we’re also treated to a quick glimpse of FP and Alice tangled in bed together. We’re sure that moment in particular is bound to please Falice shippers far and wide, but we’ll be curious to see how it affects Betty and Jughead going forward!

And speaking of Betty, she may have finally pulled back the mask on the Black Hood, but if the last few seconds are anything to go by, she’ll be running from something far more sinister this year.

Riverdale season 3 returns to the CW on Wednesday October 10.

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