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5 burning questions for the ‘Riverdale’ season 3 finale

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Another season of Riverdale is coming to an end, and we feel like we have more questions than ever before.

Not only is the Gargoyle King still running rampant in Riverdale, but now the villain from season 2 and the ghost of season 1 are joining the reign of terror. It feels like everything on Riverdale is just one big question mark at the moment, but here are the questions that we absolutely need answers to in the season 3 finale, airing this Wednesday, May 15.

What is Edgar Evernever doing with all those organs?

riverdale season 3 finale, edgar evernever

The Farm has been a looming presence on Riverdale since the series began, and we’re only now beginning to figure them out. When Betty moved in to keep herself safe from the Black Hood, she discovered that Evelyn was on medication for an organ transplant. When she saw Kevin’s scar from his “pain removal” ceremony, she put the pieces together and it led her straight to a closet full of organs!

Betty also found a price list which indicates that the Farm is selling some of the organs, but is that all they’re up to? Does Edgar Evernever have multiple sick wives that he’s trying to keep alive? Do they use the organs to perform some kind of corpse reanimation? Is Edgar a demon that relies on human flesh to survive? So many evil options, so little time left in Riverdale season 3.

Is Jason Blossom really alive?

riverdale, jason blossom

Riverdale dropped a huge Blossom bombshell on us when Ethyl confessed to Jughead that the Gargoyle King was none other than Jason Blossom. Nobody wanted to believe it, but when Jughead’s investigation led him to an empty grave, we were forced to entertain the possibility that Jason Blossom could be alive.

However, don’t forget that we have seen Jason Blossom’s very dead body already, so there could be something else happening. Is Edgar somehow using his body to get to Cheryl and to do his own Gargoyle King bidding? The organs could potentially play into this in a weird, not-at-all-based-in-science way.

If Jason isn’t alive, who has Cheryl been seeing at the Farm? We know Polly has been pretending to be Betty, so there must be another actor around. Rumor has it, Chic could be back in town and fulfilling that role. Also, if Jason isn’t alive and Edgar isn’t using his body, where is it?

Why is the Black Hood trying to kill Betty?

riverdale, black hood

Betty and her father have developed an odd relationship since Hal has been in prison. Ever since her mom went Farmy, he’s somehow been Betty’s more reasonable parent! So much so, that she even helped him out with his escape, unbeknownst to her.

Ever since then, it seems like Hal has spent all of his efforts trying to kill Betty! Is this actually the case, or does he want something else from her? Has he just been using her the whole time? Will the gang be able to thwart the Black Hood again, or will he hit his target?

Who is the real Gargoyle King?

riverdale season 3, gargoyle king

It feels like a new Gargoyle King has been revealed in every episode of Riverdale season 3, so who is the real deal? Hiram Lodge, Edgar Evernever, Gladys Jones, Jason Blossom…the list could go on forever. It’s time this beast is unmasked, once and for all.

What will Hiram’s revenge be?

We’ve never known Hiram Lodge to go down without a fight, and although he gave his all in the ring with Archie, we bet he still has some fight left in him. He was bested by his daughter when she used his fake deed to Pop’s against him, and that’s definitely not going to sit well with him.

Hiram has a lot of powerful friends, and there are so many villains running the streets of Riverdale now, somebody might decide to use his resources to their advantage. If he gets free or gets someone to do his bidding, what will his revenge be? Would he actually hurt Veronica for what she’s done? Will he take out his anger on either Reggie or Archie?

What are your questions for the ‘Riverdale’ season 3 finale?

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