6:00 pm EDT, November 2, 2017

‘Riverdale’ season 2: 5 questions we have so far

By Emily McDonald | Edited by Karen Rought

We are four episodes in and already have way more questions than answers.

  1. Is Sheriff Keller the worst sheriff in the world?

    Maybe when Sheriff Keller got the job of sheriff he thought paroling a sleepy town would be easy…

    …Or is there a more sinister reason for his lack of authority?

    Sheriff Keller, a.k.a Kevin’s dad, is a terrible sheriff. In Riverdale season 1 he took forever to solve Jasons murder…oh wait, he didn’t even solve it! A group of teenagers did! But, okay, it was a tricky case, and to give him the benefit of the doubt, he did have all of his work on the case stolen.

    But putting Jason’s murder aside, Sheriff Keller is still an awful sheriff.

    In season 2 we’ve had quite a few murders, attempted murders, and arson.

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    Geraldine Grundy’s murder happened in a different town so that isn’t Sheriff Keller’s responsibility. However, the shooting of Fred Andrews, Midge and Moose, and the other various sightings are highlighting the sheriff’s incompetence to do his job. Now either he really is way over his head, or perhaps he is enjoys wearing a black hood from time to time? A motive is unclear, but his incompetence is certainly making Sheriff Keller a bit questionable.

  2. Is the killer someone we already know…or will a green-eyed man be soon moving in?

    Small towns have a horribly high murder rate on television and Riverdale is no exception. At some point clues will begin to appear pointing in the direction of a psychopath among our Riverdale friends (Sheriff Keller??), or someone new will show up.

    At this point it is hard to pinpoint suspects, but since we are being bombarded with high amounts of suspicion towards Southside, my guess is the killer doesn’t come from the most obvious place.

  3. Is the Angel of Death a.k.a The Black Hood Riverdale‘s version of The Zodiac Killer? Does that mean the show will end on a cliffhanger?

    If Riverdale‘s serial killer’s interest in sending letters to the press including ciphers rings any bells, you are probably thinking about The Zodiac Killer. This infamous serial killer lurked the foggy streets of San Francisco in the 1960s and sent handwritten notes to the local newspapers that included many ciphers.

    The Zodiac Killer was never apprehended. Does that mean our serial killer will also never be found?

  4. Will the show ever acknowledge Archie was sexually assaulted?

    After the abrupt exit of Ms. Grundy in season 1, her reappearance — and then subsequent death — means it appears we are no closer in addressing her underage relationship with Archie. This season they did name her a sexual predator, but have the residents of Riverdale forgotten her past victim? The murder mystery is thrilling, but all things put aside, Archie’s recent relationship shouldn’t be forgotten.

    After all, her murder might not be completely random and her relationship with Archie may hold a key to the killer and their motive.

  5. Is Hiram’s suspicious behavior a red herring?

    Before we even set eyes on Hiram Lodge we knew he was trouble. And we weren’t wrong. With only being present in four episodes thus far, he has already made some questionable acts, primarily his manipulation of the naive Archie.

    One of the huge improvements from last season is Archie’s involvement and it’s refreshing to see him as a bit of a vulnerable character. He is so set on getting revenge, he honestly believes fighting fire with fire is a smart move.

    Hiram might be having a little fun with Archie, but does that mean he is involved in the killing? He is new to the town and has connections with the Southside Serpents, but just like the latter, he seems way too obvious.

    This season’s mystery has to follow the first, and season 1’s revelation of the killer is going to be hard to follow. Hiram is too likely of a suspect…but we can never be too cautious.

    What questions do you have so far in ‘Riverdale’ season 2?

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