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‘Riverdale’ resolutions: 10 things we want to see in 2019

Christmas may be over, but I still have a long wish list for Riverdale in 2019. Here are the things I want to see most this year.

Checking up on Choni

riverdale, toni topaz

After being ignored for most of Riverdale season 3, the spotlight finally shone (briefly) on Cheryl and Toni in the mid-season finale. The ladies have decided to move in together, so I’m hoping 2019 Riverdale will be full of cuddles and scheming over cute couple’s breakfasts.

Bughead back in business

Both Betty and Jughead have been through a lot since they’ve last seen each other. Betty has gotten committed to Sisters of Quiet Mercy, been drugged with Fizzle Rocks, and subsequently led a successful escape, while Jughead has been dodging danger with Archie and reuniting with the other half of his family!

Unfortunately, the Bughead reunion will likely be delayed for a while, since Betty and Jughead are stuck on different sides of the cordon, but they’ll definitely find their way back to each other eventually. When they do, I hope they pick up right where they left off (after some beautifully over-the-top PDA, of course). They’ve been killing it as a team in Riverdale season 3, and the town needs them more than ever.

Archie working smarter, not harder

riverdale season 3 premiere

Archie has been trying to carry all of Riverdale’s problems on his muscular shoulders since season 2, and it’s really not doing anyone any good. My wish for Archie in 2019 is that he realize that he’s not the source of any of these problems, and that he’d be a lot more valuable to his friends and family if he’d just stay and work with them.

Hope for Hermione

riverdale, hermione lodge

Hermione has been stuck in the middle of Veronica and Hiram in Riverdale season 3. The Lodges have never been more fractured, and Hermione’s had to make some tough choices in the midst of the feud between her husband and daughter.

Perhaps the most difficult choice she had to make was in the mid-season finale, when she made the call to instate the town quarantine. In doing so, she furthered Hiram’s plan of making Riverdale his kingdom. That being said, she didn’t look happy to make that call, so there may be hope for her yet.

I hope that in 2019, Hermione comes out on Veronica’s side of things. It would be amazing if she actually ends up being the one to thwart Hiram in his schemes. He’d never see her coming.


In the worst way possible. Hiram has been causing way too much trouble in Riverdale since he arrived, and it’s time for him to get what’s coming to him. I hope the people he’s hurt the most get the opportunity to make him pay for everything he’s put them through. Nobody breaks up Varchie under my watch!

Edgar Evernever

riverdale, polly cooper

The Evernevers have been lurking behind the scenes in Riverdale season 3 so far, but I can’t wait until they become more present in 2019. Edgar Evernever is the man behind the Farm and the new attitude that Alice and Betty Cooper have adopted, so if Alice brings the escapees from Sisters of Quiet Mercy anywhere near the Farm, we’re bound to see a lot of him.

His daughter, Evelyn Evernever, has already shown up a few times in Riverdale, and it’s usually right around the time that someone has one of those mysterious seizures. I still have my suspicions that the Evernevers have something to do with the Gargoyle King, but either way, I’m dying to meet Edgar to start unfolding some of that drama.

Keeping up with the Joneses

riverdale season 3, jellybean jones

The Jones family showed up in a big way in the Riverdale mid-season finale. We finally got to meet Gladys and Jelly Bean, but that was far from enough to satiate our appetite. If anything, that first meeting only made us want to see them much, much more.

I’m dying to see a sibling heart-to-heart between Jughead and Jelly Bean, and to see F.P. work things out with his daughter. I’m also desperate to find out more about what Gladys said and did to Penny. She can’t be dead, right? Either way, more Jones family, please.

Moovin needs to get moving

Kevin Keller / Riverdale

2019 is the year where Moovin finally needs to see some movement. Stolen broom closet kisses aren’t enough, anymore. Kevin and Moose have been hooking up since Riverdale began, but they haven’t really taken any steps forward.

Obviously Moose needed some time to grieve for Midge, but now that Kevin and Moose are officially locking lips again, Riverdale needs to commit to this ship and give them some solid screen time.

The rhythm of ‘Riverdale’

riverdale, veronica lodge, a night to remember

Riverdale is turning up the intensity in season 3, which has resulted in less musical numbers than ever before. The music is part of what makes the show special and different, so I’m hoping they’ll return to that, along with some lighter moments, in 2019.

It’s already confirmed that they’ll be another musical episode in season 3, so that’s a great start!

A serving of Veggie

riverdale, veggie

Reggie has become a much more important character in Riverdale season 3 as he’s been assisting Veronica with La Bonne Nuit, and the spark is growing between them the longer Archie is on the run.

The Reggie and Veronica relationship is an important one in the comics, so even though I’m a huge fan of Varchie, I hope something comes of their spark in 2019.

What are your ‘Riverdale’ resolutions for 2019?

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