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Riverdale: A small town. A guilty town?

While Riverdale may have some faults, it definitely does not lack its share of theories. Who killed Jason Blossom? Why? And most importantly, when do we find out?

What we know is Jason was shot in the head about a week after he disappeared. His body was then thrown into the lake and was found months later when it washed up on shore. According to his twin sister Cheryl, Jason was running away from his parents by faking his own death. It all went astray, however, when the fake death became a real one.

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Although sometimes mentioning there is a killer on the loose, no further indication someone will strike again has emerged. This leads to the idea that Jason was specifically targeted or was a victim of a horrible accident.

Jason could have been a target of a drug deal gone wrong, but this is Riverdale and that is all too regular. An accident, however, can be loaded with lots of juicy scandal, especially when the accident was made by one or more of the adults of Riverdale.

Follow the money

There sure has been a lot of money being passed around in these past seven episodes. While a straight money line isn’t clear this early on, it is clear money is an important key to the mystery.

When Jason’s body is first found, we see Alice Cooper paying the coroner a big chunk of cash. Presumably it was to get the inside scoop for their newspaper, but what if it was to cover up evidence?

Hermione Lodge is handling loads of cash that has so far made connections to her incarcerated husband, the South side Serpent biker gang, the mayor of Riverdale, and Fred Andrew’s construction company. Wasn’t she trying to get away from her husband’s fraud?

Alice and Hal Cooper were paying the nuns to keep quiet at The Sisters of Quiet Mercy (accurate name) where they kept Polly. First of all, as Veronica puts it, “What century are we in?” They sent her away because she was pregnant? They don’t seem overly conservative or religious, so it seems more like protection. But from what? Not to mention Polly was described by her parents as wild and in need of rehab, and yet she seems the opposite. There are many unanswered questions about Polly, and something is leading me to believe nothing being told is the whole truth.

There is no doubt a lot of hush-hush money going around in one small town.

And no lack of frigid relationships

Most recently it has been established that Fred Andrews and FP’s relationship is rocky, and then to add to that, FP tells Fred that he owed him. Owed him for what? This comment in particular seems to stem from some long ago conversation, but nevertheless, it creates more questions than answers.

The Coopers and the Blossoms have a well-established hatred for each other that go back a couple of generations. Jason was dating Polly, and as it has recently has been revealed, is expecting their baby. Is Jason a victim of star-crossed lovers?

Ms. Grundy’s abrupt exit shouldn’t cross her off the list. Realistically, her relationship with Archie should be a scandal around town.

But how did it happen?

None of the adults seem to be quite at that level of a psychopath, so an accidental killing is much more likely. From the very first episode the adults of the small town seem to have more drama than the actual high school students who star in a high school drama, which is really saying something. Adults are slapped in public, sneered about behind doors, and even warn their kids not to intermix without giving much reason.

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Have they always been like this? We likely won’t know, but with all this money and rocky relationships between townspeople, Jason easily could have stumbled upon something. As he runs away to find Polly, did he come across something he wasn’t supposed to see and was accidentally shot? Are parents protecting their kids? Protecting themselves? Involved in something way above their heads?

With all this intermingling of all the townspeople, from the parents, to the sheriff, to the mayor, it’s a little suspicious that there is this much mystery with this amount of people involved. Some of them have to know something. Or have done something. This is not an open-and-shut case, that’s for sure.

Beware of the red herring

Red herrings are going to be cropping up throughout the show. Jason’s jacket that was revealed at the end of episode 7 in FP’s closet is clearly one. It’s a trope every murder mystery includes. How did he get it? Sure, it will add to the story, but it doesn’t solve the murder.

Another is Archie and Jason’s similar appearance. Numerous times their similarity is brought up, including Cheryl mistaking him for Jason at the football game and Mrs. Blossom creepily stroking his face during the memorial. Was Archie supposed to be killed? Was this some sort of mix-up?

Well, that doesn’t make any more sense and is more likely a red herring. Archie was involved with Ms. Grundy, but besides that there are no indications Archie has a bull’s-eye on him. It’s something to keep in mind, but what it always comes down to is…

The adults

Riverdale adults

The adults are hiding something. Even if it isn’t directly about the murder, it is connected somehow. When money is involved in a small town with years-long grudges, it affects all businesses and families alike.

As Jughead Jones says himself, “It’s about a town. A small town.” Perhaps, also a guilty town.

What do you think of this ‘Riverdale’ theory?

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