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The ‘Riverdale’ mid-season premiere needs to answer these 5 questions

The mid-season premiere of Riverdale season 4 is almost here, and we can’t wait to find out the answers to these questions.

The Riverdale mid-season finale changed so much for many of the show’s main characters. For a refresher on everything that happened in the episode, check out our review!

Betty’s alter-ego may or may not be a thing of the past, Jughead has been initiated into the secret society he’s been suspicious of, Cheryl’s Julian problems have been replaced by Penelope problems, La Bonne Nuit’s liquor license is in jeopardy, and Archie is…okay Archie’s still doing the same stuff.

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We’re absolutely desperate to see what happens to these characters over the rest of season 4, starting with the mid-season premiere. Here are the five biggest questions we have for Riverdale’s return.

What will Cheryl do with Penelope?

Penelope’s return to Riverdale was far from triumphant, as Cheryl used all of her evil Blossom brilliance to lure her out of hiding and send her directly to the solitude of the bunker. She’s going to get the “time and penance” that she needs to think about what she’s done.

Penelope has been torturing Cheryl with the ghost of Julian for all of Riverdale season 4, so Cheryl is in need of some serious revenge. We can’t wait to see how she makes Penelope pay for all of the super weird and cruel things that she’s done. We hope Cheryl’s “in the mood for chaos!”

We’re confident Cheryl’s wrath will be adequate justice for Penelope’s crimes, but no matter how harsh the punishment, Penelope is still a fugitive for all of that murder and stuff she pulled in Riverdale season 3.

That said, we’re equally interested to see what happens if Cheryl ever lets Penelope out of the bunker. Knowing how this town works, she’ll probably convince Hiram to let her serve her sentence in her brothel. *sigh*

What is Charles’ endgame?

riverdale, charles smith

Charles has been weaseling his way deeper and deeper into the lives and hearts of the Cooper/Jones family, and we don’t like it one bit. Now that he’s getting into Betty’s head, we’re more nervous than ever.

We know that Charles is colluding with Chic, but we still don’t fully know why, and to what end. If we didn’t know better, we’d swear he was just a nice FBI agent trying to get to know his family. Unfortunately, nothing in Riverdale can be quite what it appears.

We also need to figure out what those creepy surveillance videos are all about before things get even more out of hand. What else is this guy hiding?

What’s the deal with Frank Andrews?

riverdale, frank andrews

And the even bigger and more important question, will Archie’s storyline finally get less annoying in the back half of Riverdale season 4? We can only hope.

Frank Andrews has presumably come to town as some sort of savior/father figure for the extremely lost and angry redhead, who’s desperately seeking some guidance. He’s trying to honor his father’s memory in all the wrong ways, so hopefully Fred’s brother will be able to set him on a better path.

Regardless, it’ll be great to have a living tribute to Fred Andrews on Riverdale week to week. And if he does anything to tarnish his memory? We riot! (We’re naturally suspicious of anyone from years of watching this show.)

What exactly is the ‘Quill & Skull’ society?

Now that Jughead has been officially initiated into the mysterious Quill & Skull society at Stonewall Prep, we’ll finally be able to get some answers about who they are and what they’re up to. At least we have confirmation that they actually exist after the Riverdale mid-season finale!

Whatever Quill & Skull is, we’re guessing it’s going to spell trouble for Jughead, considering what supposedly happens to him over spring break. Especially since we know his classmates serve as witnesses. Hopefully they start to plant more seeds for what all of that means in the next few episodes.

Is Betty still ‘tangerined’?

riverdale 4x03, betty cooper

Evelyn Evernever made a big wave in the Riverdale mid-season finale with her whole “tangerine” hypnotism thing. Anyone from the Farm who heard the word “tangerine” three times would “become” Betty Cooper, and be infected with an extreme desire to kill “dark Betty.” Even the actual Betty!

Betty tried it out with the help of Charles (who definitely could’ve added his own sketchy little spin), and allegedly got rid of the darkness inside her. However, she was still breaking mirrors and acting weird at the end of the episode, so we’re thinking there might be more tangerines to come.

Check out the trailer for the Riverdale mid-season premiere, which airs on Wednesday, January 22 on the CW!

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