Riverdale’s freshman season is coming to a close and is looking to finally make the jump from a work-in-progress to a homerun.

While juggling a murder investigation alongside the dazed and confused times of teenage life, Riverdale has had a lot to balance. Best friends seemed to never hang out; while parents reign the dramatic plot twists.

Thankfully in these past couple episodes Riverdale seems to have remembered whom we all came to watch. Not the crazy parents, but the core four: Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica.

Milkshakes, love, and the occasional dramatic entrance of resident mean girl Cheryl can only bring good things to this small town.

Jason Blossom’s murder is certainly a valid focus, but in order for the show to be the success it’s aiming for, the basic foundation of friendship needs to be set.

Betty and Jughead’s relationship is now being tested instead of being a sometimes forgotten side story. Archie’s home life and relationship with his estranged mother is coming to light, and Jughead’s own complicated and emotional roller coaster of a life is being addressed. Betty’s dark side is developing to be a very interesting mystery, while Veronica’s family drama proves to hold its own.

Riverdale looks to have rounded the corner. Not only do these recent character developments make it an interesting watch, it makes it a higher quality show.

But Riverdale, don’t forget to slow down!

As much as it is exciting for the show to now have so many concrete storylines, balance is still key. A birthday party, family drama (of three separate characters), dark Betty moments, and relationship downfalls should not all be in one episode. Nothing can be properly explored nor resolved.

Although still a little shaky on its feet, at least Riverdale is slowly but surely paving its way to success. Sure, Jason is dead, but it sure is nice to finally see this small town come alive.

Do you think ‘Riverdale’ has improved?

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