Last week The CW renewed Riverdale! Now that we are all rest assured the show will continue, it is time to set our goals on what should happen in the upcoming episodes (and seasons!) in that oh-so small and mysterious town of Riverdale.

More scenes like this!

Perhaps not the most pressing of all requests, but this nod to the original comics was fantastic. Not only did it eerily illustrate Jughead’s nightmare of backstabbing Archie, it also took advantage of its origin story.

Riverdale has an advantage of having such diversity in backstory and spinoffs, from the traditional 1940s setting to the Archie zombie spinoff. It should most definitely continue sprinkling these little gems into the show.

Jughead’s future

In the Archie comics it was revealed Jughead was asexual, but before the show could even premiere Cole Sprouse (Jughead) confirmed Jughead was not going to be aromantic asexual, as his comic counterpart was. Instead, Jughead is set to have numerous relationships.

There are many problems with this, of course, but with the show being renewed there is a sliver of hope the show will explore his asexuality.

Perhaps the show can also realize having ‘chemistry’ with someone absolutely does not automatically mean they have romantic feelings for one another.

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Polly, Polly, Polly

Although Jason is the one who’s mysteriously dead, Polly is the one who is currently the most mysterious.

Polly has now been in a few episodes and yet we really haven’t learned much about her as a person. Her mother says she was wild and went to rehab, which we later find out was actually to cover up her pregnancy. But wasn’t Betty there? Was she completely out of the loop about everything?

Teens doing teen stuff!

While it is refreshing to see a teen show have their driving point be less sex, drugs, and rock and roll and still manage to be edgy, it also seems a little too one noted.

Murder, murder, yada, yada. We get it.

The town has changed because of all the incoming revelations but life does move on. Archie has moved a little too far away from the murder, and Betty is a little too close. Pretty Little Liars was great at having the mystery but still allowing each character to have schoolwork, family, and extra curricula’s to be apart of their lives at the same time. It gives depth and helps the show be a little more well-rounded.

Don’t forget the friendship that started it all

In the comics, Archie, Betty, and Veronica are always the main trio. Sometimes in love triangles, always great friends. Jughead in Riverdale even says Archie is the luckiest red head in town.

Uh, really?

Riverdale critically lacks involvement with this group of friends. Betty and Jughead are together most of the time, but Veronica often slips away and Archie is like that friend who is a part of the group technically but is never around. If the teens are going to continue to be the branding in all of Riverdale’s posters and advertisements, then they need to act like a group of friends and you know, hang out more.

New episodes of ‘Riverdale’ begin March 30 on The CW

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