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5 ‘Riverdale’ characters we need to see more of in season 4

There are a few faces in Riverdale that we haven’t seen nearly enough of in season 4.

The fourth season of Riverdale has been arguably the busiest season yet. It feels like roughly two million things happen in any given episode, which is even crazier than the million things going on in an episode of any other season!

One reason things feel so busy is that the main characters are all doing their own thing. Nobody’s stories are intertwined in Riverdale season 4. Veronica is in a perpetual power struggle with Hiram, Betty is fighting one darkness after another, Jughead is busy at Stonewall Prep, Archie is dealing with his boxing gym, and Cheryl has been stuck in the classic corpse brother trope.

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While it’s been great to explore so many stories with the leads, the disjointed nature of Riverdale season 4 has really sidelined the show’s great cast of supporting characters. When there are five different main storylines to follow, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for anyone else to shine.

Frankly, we miss the characters who have been confined to the shadows behind the main characters, at best. Riverdale is best when all of its voices are present, and there are a few that we’re really hoping make a comeback in season 4.

Here are the five Riverdale characters we need to see more of in season 4.

Kevin Keller

kevin keller

While Kevin never had enough of his own storylines to make him a true primary character in Riverdale, we used to see him just as much as those who hold that title. In the first two seasons of the show, it seemed like Kevin was always offering friendly advice to his friends, dealing with his dad’s job and relationships, or figuring out his own relationship with Moose.

Kevin had one interesting episode in season 4 which dealt with the fallout from the Farm, but if you ask me, that issue was far from resolved and we haven’t really seen him since. Everyone else has gotten their breakthrough moment in season 4, and Kevin deserves one too!

Luckily, Kevin should return in a big way if/when we see the season 4 musical episode, but we hope he gets an interesting story before then as well.

Fangs Fogarty

If Kevin’s Farm fallout is unresolved, Fangs’ is whatever unresolved on steroids looks like. He joined the Farm, potentially married Kevin, “ascended,” and then continued working for Edgar afterwards. He has a lot of explaining to do.

I’m sure we’ll continue to see Fangs helping F.P. out from time to time, but like Kevin, he deserves a chance to acknowledge his actions and deal with the consequences. Fangs is also an important tie to the serpents while Jughead is at Stonewall Prep. If Jughead is really dead, or even if he’s just faking it, the serpents can’t be left out of that story!

Toni Topaz

riverdale, toni topaz

Unlike many of these characters, we actually see Toni in pretty much every episode of Riverdale. However, that doesn’t mean her character is getting the service she deserves. Toni is always there during Cheryl’s scenes, but that’s about it.

At this point, Toni may as well tie herself to Cheryl and officially become her shadow. In fact, 90% of her lines in season 4 have been some version of “Come on, babe” or “Let’s go, babe.” Cheryl’s been doing some crazy stuff in season 4, and I want to see Toni have a real reaction to that! It’s great to be the supportive girlfriend, but not if you end up getting buried yourself.

We need Toni to come back into the spotlight so we can have some real Choni moments. A great ship needs to have two great characters. Not one character and a sidekick. She’ll also be important to the serpents for whatever’s about to happen with Jughead!

Reggie Mantle

reggie mantle

Like Kevin, Reggie has had exactly one interesting episode in Riverdale season 4. Also like Kevin, his abuse storyline was wrapped up with a bow without actually being resolved. The show set him up for something interesting and then just forgot about it!

Reggie has been Veronica’s lap dog for too long. He finally came into the spotlight when they were dating, but now he’s back to playing the bulldog behind the bar all over again. If they’re going to keep Reggie in the show once the characters go to college, he needs to have more to do while they’re still in high school.

Mad Dog/Munroe Moore

riverdale season 4, episode 10

Mad Dog has been beloved by Riverdale fans since we met him in Archie’s dorm room, but since then, his crowning achievement has been taking Reggie’s place as Archie’s sidekick. However, when they mentioned that he was being scouted by Notre Dame, I was more excited and hopeful than I have been for anything on the show all season!

There’s a lot they could do with Munroe to give him more screen time. However, now that they’ve set up the football drug scandal thing, I’m worried that he’s going to go the way of Reggie and Kevin with the “one meaty episode and done” move.

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