In the official “The Monster” music video, Rihanna plays Eminem’s therapist as he takes a walk down memory lane — for better or for worse.

You can check out the official music video for “The Monster” ft. Rihanna below:

In the video, we see Rihanna turn on a television and take a seat off to the side, jotting down notes as Eminem watches what’s on screen. The clips on the TV show various moments from his life, and a camera and some recording equipment monitor him as he takes it all in.

Once the music starts playing, we see Rihanna singing the chorus decked out in dark clothes and makeup inside a rundown looking warehouse. Eminem wakes up as soon as the video of his life is over, only to find out he’s in an elevator he can’t control.

As he makes his way through the various levels, he sees himself from different times in his life. There are throwbacks to his old videos, like “Lose Yourself,” “The Way I Am,” and “My Name Is,” with Dr. Dre transforming into Rihanna at one point.

As we near the end of the video, Eminem is finally let off the elevator. He comes upon a box being guarded by armed men, and this is the place that holds “the monster.” Inside the crate is an insane-looking Eminem, who screams and rattles the cage.

But the real Eminem just walks away from the monster, and the video fades to black.

This is is the fourth music video released from Eminem’s eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP. The previous videos include “Berzerk,” “Survival,” and “Rap God.” “The Monster” takes on a much darker and scarier tone than the previous ones, some of which were colorful and boisterous, and we always love when Rihanna and Eminem team up to make new music.

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