7:30 pm EDT, September 16, 2013

Rick Riordan writes new short story ‘Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo’ – read now!

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Rick Riordan has written a new short story set in the Percy Jackson world called “Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo.” And you can read it right now!

Guys Read Other Worlds Full

The short story comes to us from Guys Read: Other Worlds, the fourth collection of short stories in the Guys Read series, which is aimed at tween boys. It features 10 stories by 10 different authors, the first of which is none other than Rick Riordan!

Read “Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo” by clicking here.

“Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo” has a great opening, which reads, “I know what you’re going to ask. ‘Percy Jackson, why are you hanging from a Times Square billboard without your pants on, about to fall to your death?’ Good question. You can blame Apollo, god of music, archery, and poetry — also the god of making me do stupid quests.”

Using his tell-tale humor, Percy Jackson narrates the short story that tells us about the time when he was celebrating Grover’s birthday and Apollo turned up and asked him for a “little” favor.

That little favor turned into a big problem when Apollo sent Percy out to fetch his fourth celedon, who went rogue and ran off to the big city to try her hand at fame, fortune, and a solo career.

The story is filled with plenty of puns and throwbacks to earlier Percy Jackson stories. We also get the answer to a question we’re sure everyone was asking: boxers or briefs, Percy Jackson?

If you liked the story and want to support a great cause, be sure to check out Guys Read: Other Worlds on Amazon. Don’t forget that there are also three previous volumes to read!

In other Percy Jackson news, Riordan will be setting out on his House of Hades book tour starting October 8, the day the book goes on sale. If you plan on seeing Riordan speak, make sure you know what to expect from him.

And if you just can’t wait for House of Hades, you can read (or re-read!) the first chapter of the book.

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