12:24 am EDT, October 11, 2014

Rick Riordan speaks about ‘Blood of Olympus’ and more at New York event

Hypable was in attendance as Rick Riordan spoke about past and future projects to a full house at the New York Public Library on Oct. 10.

When an author walks out on stage and a room full of pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, and adults all erupt into a chorus of cheers, you know everything is right in the world.

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Rick Riordan is treated like a rock star when he walks out on stage, and this event at the public library was no different. Riordan spoke of his past, his journey as a writer, and his love of mythology. He’s an entertaining personality who always has a joke in his back pocket and has humor to make an entire room laugh, no matter the age of the attendees.

Most interesting to his fans, however, were the tidbits Riordan dropped about his upcoming projects. First on the list was the mention of two of his previous short stories, “The Son of Sobek” and “The Staff of Serapis,” which feature Percy Jackson and Carter Kane, and Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane, respectively.

His next short story will be titled, “The Crown of Ptolemy,” and will have all four of those characters in one place. And for those of you who have been missing Percy’s voice, just know that this one will be told from Percy’s perspective from start to finish.

Another project Riordan is working on (and finishing up quite soon, as a matter of fact) is his new book Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes. This is a companion book of sorts to Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and will serve the same purpose as a reference book, but instead of detailing the lives of the Greek gods, it’ll detail the lives of the Greek heroes. The cover for that will be out next week.

Lastly, Riordan spoke of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, his new series about Norse mythology. He was pretty quiet about any spoilers for this trilogy, but he did say readers can find a clue to Magnus’ relation to Annabeth in Blood of Olympus. Happy digging, demigods!

Which upcoming project from Rick Riordan are you most excited about?

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