2:00 pm EDT, October 14, 2013

Rick Riordan talks about upcoming projects during ‘House of Hades’ book tour

Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan has been on tour for his latest release in the Heroes of Olympus series, titled House of Hades, and spoke about some of his upcoming projects.

Hypable writer Michal Schick was in attendance at the October 9 event in New York City. Below is a brief recap of what Riordan talked of during his presentation.

Crossover stories

Riordan has already released a crossover story that involves Percy Jackson meeting Carter Kane from the Kane Chronicles series that involves Egyptian mythology. This short story has been a long time coming for fans, who have been wanting to see the two worlds collide for quite a while.

Luckily, Riordan has been planning more crossover stories like this, the next of which will involve Sadie Kane meeting Annabeth Chase. We definitely can’t wait for that interaction! The reaction to the first crossover story, “Son of Sobek,” was very positive, so we’re sure fans will enjoy the second and third just as much.

The Norse Series

Unfortunately, Riordan didn’t have much more to say about the Norse series, which will be debuting in 2015. It is still untitled, and we’re sure he won’t get down to business on it until the fifth and final book in the Heroes of Olympus series is close to completion. However, we did learn that this particular set of books will be set in Boston!

Riordan once again reiterated that Loki is his favorite god from Norse mythology, so perhaps we’ll be seeing a Loki-centric tale in this new series. Maybe the god of mischief’s demigod son or daughter will be our main hero!

The novel about Greek myths

Riordan has previously announced that he’ll be writing a book about Greek mythology from Percy Jackson’s point of view. This book will not actually be about Percy, but will simply be a retelling of the original myths using Percy’s “voice.”

During his book tour presentation, Riordan did say that this book, titled Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, would be a full-length novel.

What information that came out of Rick Riordan’s book tour presentation has gotten you most excited?

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