9:52 am EST, February 23, 2016

12 ways the internet appropriately flipped over Rick and Michonne

The Walking Dead has a huge and dedicated fan base who loves to express their feelings about the latest twists and turns. Nothing, however, could prepare them for Richonne.

Fans have been hoping for a while that Richonne would become a thing. As many viewers may’ve noticed, some hints about Rick and Michonne getting together have been scattered across the series. But in season 6, episode 10 we all got what we’ve been wanting… An apocalypse and chill:

So how’s the internet reacting? Twitter is rearranging their Funkos accordingly:

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Tumblr is freaking out:


And celebrities are losing their minds too. The Walking Dead superfan and Community alum Yvette Nicole Brown is truly one of us:


There were a lot of reasons to applaud the Richonne news, whether or not you’re a TWD fan:



It turns out Rick’s been checking out Michonne’s ass for a while. Thanks Tumblr for reminding us of these highlights:


Lots of people are comparing Rick / Michonne to Daryl / Beth (You monsters better not be implying that Michonne is next to go):


There were also thought-provoking truths:


And dirtier truths:

One artist on Tumblr decided to release their feelings through a pencil:


We didn’t get enough of Rick and Michonne nude in the show, come to think of it.

Michonne must’ve loved doggie, because… :


“When he f**k me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster.” – Beyoncé and Michonne

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