‘Revolution’ recap: Episode 1×02 ‘Chained Heat’

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1:00 pm EDT, September 25, 2012

In just two episodes of NBC’s new show we’ve had a lot happen. We’ve had a lot of questions come up, some questions answered, and a ton of action. The episode started off with a flashback. A week after the blackout Rachel told Charlie that she needed to always watch out for her brother, Danny. (This is obviously where her tremendous guilt comes in.)

Charlie snaps out of it to find that Miles isn’t there. Where could he be? I already had my guess. Yes, I was right. He was fighting. Miles and a bounty hunter were going at it, and just as Miles was going to slit the bounty hunters throat, Charlie walks in. She made sure that he didn’t kill him. A decision that he later came to regret.

They continue their search for Nora Clayton. We don’t know much about Nora yet except she knows Miles, and that, “she’s good at blowing stuff up.” I have a feeling I’m going to like her.

While on the quest, they of course run into the bounty hunter, who’s now angrier and captures Miles. He gives himself up when he finds out that they’ve taken Charlie and the crew.

In no time though, Miles was already free. When they were walking through the market, he pulled out those crazy kung fu moves. This rendered everyone else helpless and him the victor.

The militia still had Danny and was busy knocking on the door of a house with a dead deer hanging outside. My first thought was that the Militia was hungry and wanted some yummy venison. Nope, instead of having a BBQ, they had a standoff. The man said that he had one gun, but when they asked to search his house he shot one of the militia men. This then led to his inevitable death.

Never one to stay in one place too long, Miles said that he needed to go find Nora. He insisted that he needed to go alone and went on his way. When morning came, Aaron and Maggie found a note from Charlie explaining she had gone on to follow Miles.

Being a step ahead of just about everybody, Charlie pretends to be injured so that Nate will reveal himself. As it turns out, Nate had been following her this whole time, and being very loud. She quickly handcuffs him to a pole while pretending to be hurt, leaving him there alone.

Aaron is quickly becoming one of the more perplexing characters of the show. We haven’t seen much of him throughout the episodes, but I have a feeling that this will all change soon enough. He might know more than he is letting on, and he told Maggie about him having the oh so powerful USB devise in his possession. During their exchange, he brought up the question of whether or not this blackout is man-made or not. If it’s man-made it will be easier to fix, he said. I have a strong feeling this question will come up many times over the next few episodes.

Finally, we find Nora. She’s part of a chain gang who is pulling a helicopter from one point to another. Silly militia, that won’t work! (What do they know that we don’t, and what are they trying accomplish with this helicopter?)

Miles breaks Nora free in the middle of the night only to find out that she didn’t want to be free. She was there on a mission to steal the militia’s gun, which when sold on the black market will be priceless.

Since Miles ruined Nora’s plans to steal the rifle, they need to regroup and discuss what to do now. Trying to earn her keep, Charlie volunteers to shoot the man in charge of the gun.

We go to a flashback of a man trying to steal their food shortly after the blackout. We learn that her father didn’t have the nerve to shoot the man as he walked away with the wagon of food. Present-day Charlie hesitates, wondering if she could kill someone. We see the flashback again. As the man walks away, we see that he was shot, but not by her dad. Rachel shoots him right in the back. With that, Charlie gathers up the strength and fires away!

In the final ten minutes we were treated to not one, but two cliffhangers! First, that Grace’s attic is infiltrated as “Randall” comes in with a taser. The second is that Rachel is still alive! (Gasp!) She is being held captive by the militia and knows now that Ben is dead and that they have her son.

Are you hooked? What did you think of episode 2, and how excited are you for episode 3?

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