Revolution is coming back with a bang! Check out the action-filled beginning of the next episode.

The beginning of the midseason premiere of Revolution, from Yahoo TV, picks up right after the events of the last episode and is full of helicopters and explosions. Besides putting our main characters in some intense danger, we get a great moment between Monroe and Tom Neville.

This clip sure sets up the larger scale of the second half of Revolution. Monroe is now aiming to eliminate all of the rebels and then move on to the entire country, turning everything into the Monroe Republic! We already learned at PaleyFest that we will be seeing the Georgia Federation, led by a fierce female leader.

And of course, the passionate Miles and Nora kiss! We all knew it would come eventually, and here it is. And then we got a great Arron/Rachel moment, only to be interrupted by another helicopter, about to go ravage a rebel camp.

Revolution will finally return from a four-month hiatus next week on Monday, March 25 with “The Stand.” Hopefully the next ten episodes continue to follow the high-action and fast pace of this clip.

Will you be watching ‘Revolution’ when it returns?

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