After a very unique and intense episode of Revolution on Monday, we have a promo for Nobody’s Fault But Mine, which seems to be even more intense and shocking.

In the last episode of Revolution, we saw Charlie, Miles, Arron, and Nora head into Philadelphia via the subway tunnels along with the aid of a few rebels. When they begin to run out of oxygen, they begin to hallucinate (a side-effect of dying), and each of the main characters’ worst fears come out.

The quite vivid hallucination scenes really pushed what was real and what was not. We saw Miles confronting Monroe and Charlie waking up to her dad, but of course, none of it was real.

In the end, after killing the Militia members disguised as rebels, Charlie and the gang entered the city. Lastly, we saw Charlie’s mom attempt to make a bomb, but unfortunately, Monroe caught her plan.

The fall season finale of Revolution, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine,” has a lot to live up to, and this exciting promo promises a great episode.

In this promo, we see that Miles is finally going to directly confront the Militia. He will attempt to make a bargain with Captain Neville – Neville’s wife for Miles’ family.

In what seems like a surreal moment, Danny is reunited with Charlie. Will it last?

Lastly, Monroe finally has all of the power (no pun intended) and intends to unleash his arsenal of weapons and helicopters. We are not sure what he is going to be attacking yet, but the promo teases what should be a large battle.

Revolution 1×10 “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” airs on Monday, November 26. It is the fall season finale, so this will be the last new episode of Revolution for four months!

Will you be watching ‘Revolution’ 1×10 ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’?

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