The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of those books you get lost in reading and finish in one sitting. Each book is a fast paced read with a great plot and strong characters. A must read for young adult book lovers.

The series currently consists of three books, Obsidian, Onyx, and Opal as well as one novella Shadows. There is at least one more if not two more books planned for the series. Origin releases this summer and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The Lux Series is about aliens, Luxen, who are hiding on Earth and trying to live normal lives. Their planet was destroyed and Earth is the most like it however since arriving they Department of Defense has been keeping tabs on them. The DOD watches and knows of some of the things they can do but blending in is the name of the game for the Luxen which isn’t easy for them with Katy around.

The characters are richly drawn with intricate details and flaws. Katy is the human who stumbles into the world of the Luxen because of her neighbors Dee and Daemon. Dee just wants a friends and Katy the human fascinates her. Daemon is less impressed and fears that Katy will only complicate things for him and his sister. This fear drives the relationship between Daemon and Katy which is antagonistic and sometimes flirty. The two share many a sharp witted comment and sarcastic barbs. The dialogue is thoroughly entertaining and really gives a feel for who the characters are.

The Lux Series is a unique take on aliens on Earth. The plot is not your typical girl meets paranormal boy and falls in love. It is a story of survival, family and trust. Each character has to figure out for themselves who is trustworthy and just what they are willing to sacrifice for others.

Each book in the series brings new level of intrigue as it twists and turns. As a reader you are never sure who to trust or what will happen next. At times you may even want to smack a couple of the characters which is a true sign of an amazing series.

The Lux Series is a fantastic read. Reminiscent of Roswell (the first 2 seasons) this series pulls readers in and doesn’t let go. The well developed characters create world which is realistic and inviting. The Lux Series should be on the top of everyone’s TBR pile.

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