Sunday’s upcoming episode of Revenge has someone leaving town, but who is giving up on this posh lifestyle? Check out this new Revenge sneak peek to find out.

We learned at the end of last season that Kara Clarke (formerly Wallace) is alive, contrary to Emily’s belief. Now she has resurfaced and started to make a home for herself after her supposed daughter gave birth to a little boy. TV Fanatic released two Revenge sneak peek videos for Sunday’s episode.

Kara set up house at Grayson Manor, per Victoria’s invitation, when she needed somewhere to stay, since shacking up with Amanda and Jack at the Stowaway just wasn’t feasible. Victoria wanted to keep a close eye on Kara, since she believed the former Mrs. Clarke was somehow involved in the threatening mail Victoria’s been getting.

Now that Gordon Murphy is dead, it looks like Kara is hitting the road. She tells Victoria that she booked a flight, so where is she going? From what we’ve seen of her, it would seem like she’s from somewhere close to the Hamptons.

Kara also asks Victoria for a credit card number to confirm the flight, since she only has cash, and Victoria agrees. This seems a little shady to us. Maybe Kara is going to use Victoria’s credit card information for something else, like identity theft. She could probably get pretty far on a Grayson line of credit.

This second Revenge sneak peek shows Emily now in the Graysons’ foyer along with Victoria, Kara, and Daniel. Apparently she is there to give Victoria a wedding gift (which Victoria doesn’t seem to appreciate at all), but it seems like the real reason she is there is to say goodbye to Kara.

Will she have another chance to see her mother? We think so. There are still a lot of unresolved issues there.

Will Kara Clarke be leaving for good this season?

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