Mason Treadwell is digging into Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke’s shared history – could he have made a scandalous discovery? Take a look in this Revenge sneak peek.

Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke grew to be like sisters after a rough start as roommates in a juvenile detention facility, but could they have been more than just buds? Mason Treadwell seems to think so. In this exclusive Revenge sneak peek from The Huffington Post of Sunday’s all new episode, we see Treadwell questioning the ladies’ friendship.



The bestselling author Treadwell has deduced that Emily and Amanda must have been lovers, considering that Emily, who is incredibly wealthy, purchased Amanda’s childhood home and is now helping support the new mama.

We’re not sure Treadwell’s sleuthing skills are quite up to Sherlockian standards, but it’s definitely a twist to the Clarke family tale that would cause quite the scandal in the Hamptons.

In the Revenge sneak peek, Emily threatens to sue Treadwell for libel if he prints his version of the girls’ history, but we think this might be a spin Emily could use to her advantage. The story of Emily and Amanda having a romantic past would help to explain her interest in the Hamptons, and how the two girls were so close.

Or she could just say they were roommates in juvie and became friends. If we remember correctly, though, Emily pretended not to know Amanda when David Clarke’s (fake) daughter returned to town, so she might have some explaining to do.

Either way, we know Emily will make it out of this situation with the upper hand. She usually does. We’re also expecting to see at least the beginning of the fall for Mason Treadwell in this episode. Emily has some tricks up her sleeve we still haven’t seen yet.

What do you think of Treadwell’s story?

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