In tonight’s episode of Revenge, we saw the remarriage of Victoria and Conrad Grayson, but what is in store next for the Graysons? Check out this new Revenge promo for “Exposure.”

The Graysons re-tied the knot tonight on Revenge, but there was the little glitch in the ceremony: Conrad was arrested. Even though Victoria looked stunning in her Vera Wang wedding gown, things didn’t quite go according to plan. Or did they?

Charlotte refused to go to the wedding because she thought her parents were simply putting the whole charade on for a PR stunt, and she was almost correct.

Emily worked with Amanda to throw Mason Treadwell off their path and believe that Amanda Clarke is actually who she claimed to be. Luckily they were able to appease him, and Emily planned to ruin Mason by sending him on a search for Gordon Murphy’s ties with the Graysons.

Jack had more trouble with the bar now that Kenny is owner and chief operator, and Jack is struggling to find integrity in the midst of this power switch. On the Amanda front though, things seemed to be getting a little bit better for Jack. Declan and Charlotte appeared to be getting a little cozier as well.

Take a look at next week’s Revenge promo for “Exposure.”

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