Amanda’s new little bundle of joy hasn’t had much face time on Revenge this season, but it looks like he’ll have his moment to shine in an upcoming episode. These Revenge photos show us who attends the baptism. Beware of potential spoilers!

Many of these photos feature Emily with Jack and Amanda in front of the church, which makes a lot of sense, considering that she is Carl’s godmother. She doesn’t look completely thrilled to be there though. Thanks to Examiner for the scoop on these new Revenge photos.
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Aiden is there alongside Emily, and the two look very cozy together. Yes, please, let this relationship blossom. We think Aiden and Emily make the best match – we just hope that Aiden really loves her and isn’t playing her for some reason.

Charlotte and Declan are also enjoying this time with Charlotte’s new nephew, and they look like they have completely rekindled their relationship. They make quite a cute couple as well.

Nolan is present at the baby’s baptism too, but Padma is missing. Maybe she didn’t feel like she was welcome at this little celebration, or maybe Nolan just didn’t invite her. The two could be on shaky ground after she messed up by looking too deeply into NolCorp’s history.

A mystery man also shows up in these photos, and he’s with Kenny in the back of the church. We know that Kenny now owns the Stowaway, but why would he be at the christening of Jack’s baby?

Who is this other guy Kenny seems to be conferring with? He seems too old to be Kenny’s son, but maybe he is, and maybe Kenny is planning for him to take over the Stowaway.

Everything seems fairly happy in these new Revenge photos for “Revelations,” but we don’t expect that to last too long.

What ‘revelations’ do you think will be realized?

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