Mason Treadwell has been snooping around into Amanda Clarke’s past, and these new Revenge photos show the author not only getting a visit from Amanda, but from Emily as well.

When Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke visit Mason Treadwell together, that can only mean trouble. Treadwell was made popular for his enthralling and scandalous biography of David Clarke, which helped to expose Clarke’s supposed terrorist involvement.

An incredibly arrogant man, Treadwell thinks he can dig up the real truth behind Amanda Clarke’s return to the Hamptons. Treadwell has a long history with the real Amanda – Emily – whom he interviewed as a child after her father was arrested for supporting a terrorist organization, Americon Initiative.

Treadwell started snooping into Amanda’s past again when he noticed the faux Amanda was missing a burn scar on her back. He threatened to call her bluff, but Emily worked her magic to cover it all up, convincing Treadwell that Amanda had the scar removed.

However, after Victoria dismissed Emily as a “juvie girl who cleaned up nicely,” Treadwell was already starting to make connections in his head. His giant board of Grayson activity and connections also has him literally connecting the dots between Emily and Amanda.
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Thanks to Examiner, in these new Revenge photos we see Emily and Amanda both at Mason Treadwell’s home, looking at this giant board of connections.

How did they end up here?

Did Treadwell bring them there to confront the ladies? He’s definitely capable of that. He is an investigative journalist/author after all.

Or did Emily bring Amanda there to put a stop to Treadwell’s snooping, once and for all? Emily said that ratting out Conrad Grayson for murdering Gordon Murphy would be “the beginning of the end for Mason Treadwell.” Is she getting more involved in the plan to bring him down?

One of the Revenge photos also shows Treadwell appearing to cower in fear. Is Emily threatening him now? Would she expose herself so clearly to this man?

Maybe Emily is going to start using Treadwell to her own advantage.

What do you think of this confrontation?

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