On this season of Revenge we’ve seen more into Jack’s life than just his relationship with Emily, and Nick Wechsler hints that we’ll also see more deaths this season.

In this interview with Celebuzz, Wechsler, who plays Jack, reveals that there is more of a connection between the Porters and the Ryans (Kenny and Nate) than it originally appears. Kenny bought the bar from Jack after Declan supposedly stole from him. It has been implied that Declan’s involvement in that burglary was set up as well.

Of the sudden interest Kenny took in the bar, Wechsler says, “It’s not such a coincidence after all.”

When Nate, Kenny’s brother, was introduced in “Penance,” he made a reference to how Jack’s father, Carl, wronged the Ryan boys in some way. The brothers also seem to be interested in buying up the entire stretch of bay in Montauk.

“It makes it a lot more dangerous,” Wechsler teases.

After asking what we can expect to see this season, Wechsler is at a loss for what he can reveal.

“There’s not much I can tell you, but we can expect to see…I can’t tell you.”

Eventually he settles on a coy statement, letting us know that not everyone will make it out of this season alive.

“Basically you can expect to see some people die.”

That’s plural – people. Not just one person. We already know that someone ends up without an arm and Jack’s boat ends up at the bottom of the ocean. Could Kenny and Nate have something to do with Jack’s boat sinking?

When asked if he thinks Jack will be killed off anytime soon, Wechsler seems fairly certain that Jack will be around for awhile.

“What Jack is to Emily makes me feel a certain amount of confidence,” he says. “They’ve built up this thing where we’re rooting for Jack and Emily.”

Plus with all of those high society types on Revenge, if we lost Jack, we’d lose our connection to normal people.

“He’s kind of the most relatable character within this world.”

We don’t see Jack going anywhere soon, but you never know.

Who do you think will die this season on Revenge?

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