With all of the scheming happening on Revenge, a few new faces are stirring up more drama. Find out which Nip/Tuck star will be meeting Emily and the Graysons in the Hamptons. Warning – potential spoilers!

Dylan Walsh, who starred in the FX series Nip/Tuck will be joining the cast of Revenge this season for a “multi-episode arc,” reports Entertainment Weekly. Walsh is set to play a character named Jason Prosser, who is “a rival hedge fund manager to Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny). Prosser is said to match Grayson’s wealth and have twice his style.”

It looks like Grayson Global will be facing some competition. Could the introduction of this new “rival hedge fund manager” be connected to the Initiative in some way? Perhaps Helen and the rest of Americon Initiative are planning on bringing the Graysons down by bleeding out their investors.

If this report refers to Prosser posing as a competitor for Conrad Grayson, does this mean we can assume he doesn’t end up in jail? Or will this new character just be a competitor to Grayson Global in general?

Emily is working pretty hard to get Daniel to the top of his family’s company, and it would be a shame if her plan fell through. We might be seeing her readjust her power play at Grayson Global.

What kind of drama can we expect from this new character?

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