If you’ve been wanting to listen to the Merlin music from series 3 and 4, the wait is almost over! Both soundtracks are set for release later this month.

The official Merlin Twitter account announced today that the soundtracks for series 3 and 4 are now available for pre-order on Amazon. They will both be released on November 19.

The music of Merlin is composed by Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson and James Gosling. On these new soundtracks you can relive iconic moments from series 3 and 4 with themes like “Gaius the Goblin” (we love that one), “Freya,” “The Sword in the Stone,” “Merlin Buries Lancelot,” “Ygraine’s Theme,” “Knights of the Round Table” and “The Labyrinth of Gedreth.”

Do you like the music they use in the show? It certainly captures both the epic and the whimsical elements of Merlin, and we can already tell that the series 5 soundtrack will have some great tracks, too, perfect to use as background music for writing, or perhaps to inspire you while out for a jog in the woods (Eg. “Run faster, Morgana’s gonna get you!” or, “Oh no, a dragon!”).

Pre-order the series 3 and series 4 soundtracks from Amazon now!

And don’t forget that Merlin returns tonight at 20:05 on BBC One. This week’s episode is entitled “The Dark Tower,” and will feature some long-awaited Gwen and Morgana interaction as Morgana kidnaps the Queen of Camelot as part of a ploy to lure Arthur, Merlin and the knights into a trap. Hopefully we’ll get some good moments between Gwen and her former mistress, as there must still be a lot of unfinished business between the two of them.

Will Arthur save his wife in time? Tune in to find out!

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