Fox’s much-anticipated Red Band Society will be full of relationship drama, love triangles, and shocking twists!

Red Band Society is an upcoming dramedy, airing on Fox, which follows a group of young adults living in a children’s ward of a hospital, and the nurses that care for them.

The pilot episode, which is already online, gives us a hint about what’s to come: high school drama mixed with the gritty realism of life in a hospital. Think Grey’s Anatomy meets Glee.

Earlier this week, two of the show’s stars and executive producer Rina Mimoun attended PaleyFest’s Fall TV Preview event and gave some interesting new bits of information about the series.

During the panel, Mimoun described the series as, “A relationship dramedy set in hospital.” She also revealed that Fox wanted the writers to “edge up” the series, making it “darker and twisted.”

On the subject of character deaths, Mimoun said that it is “possible” someone will be killed off, but she can’t say how soon it might happen.

SheKnows was on hand to interview Mimoun and her actors, and the former could reveal that romantic relationships between the teenage patients will take center stage.

The pilot gave us a hint about one such relationship: Emma (Ciara Bravo), in an attempt to make Leo (Charlie Rowe) jealous, is making the moves on the new arrival Jordi (Nolan Sotillo).

But there won’t just be romance for the younger characters. Mimoun is taking advantage of her great adult cast (which includes Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable), and is going to be telling their stories as well.

“We really want to explore their lives as much as we do the kids,” Mimoun says. “So, as we move forward, you’re definitely going to see more of them, and that will be soapy goodness and wonderfulness coming up.”

There’ll be more adult characters coming in to stir the pot as early as the second episode. Perhaps a love interest for Nurse Jackson? Or maybe, as Mimoun and actress Rebecca Rittenhouse both hinted at, the new nurse Brittany could be hooking up with the good Doctor McAndrew (Annable).

But as the relationships develop, expect friendships to fracture. “We see in the pilot how important the Red Band Society becomes to these kids and how they sort of rely on it and depend on it,” Mimoun says, “and right away in the first five episodes we see a divide as a result of one of our love triangles sort of blowing up.”

Actor Wilson Cruz, who plays Nurse Gomez-Rejon, sums up the show’s premise very nicely, explaining that, “the show’s about how much you love the people around you and the relationships you build. It’s not about death or disease… it’s about life.”

Red Band Society premieres Wednesday, September 17 at 9/8c on Fox. Are you excited about the new series?

Source: SheKnows

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