Rebecca Mader heads to ‘30 Rock’

6:15 pm EDT, November 19, 2012

In its ongoing quest to hire everyone who was ever on a very good TV show, 30 Rock has tapped Rebecca Mader to guest star in its final season.

Mader, perhaps best known for her turn as anthropologist Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis – see what they did there?) on Lost, will be popping up as a “temptress” at some point during the seventh and final season. She has also appeared in No Ordinary FamilyWhite Collar and Fringe. No word on who or what she will be tempting or when she will even appear, but she has been spotted on set filming with Alec Baldwin. 

Mader won’t be the highest profile star of the season, with those honors likely being split among Bryan Cranston, Ryan Lochte and Kellan Lutz, but she still has the chance to make her mark. Who knows – maybe she’ll even get to stick around for a mult-episode arc. Jack Donaghy for one is currently wanting in the romantic department.

It’s shaping up to be a busy back half of the season for 30 Rock – from Mader’s guest role, to Liz’s upcoming wedding, and even the return of old favorites like Jack’s mom Colleen and Dennis. No one can accuse 30 Rock of going out quietly.

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