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Reasons to love ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Get Kwazy

This is the third part in a series of articles detailing our reasons why love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This week, we’re talking about the cast and getting Kwazy.

As we barrel towards February, we take a look at nine more reasons Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fantastic show. But first, be sure to catch up with reason 10-18.

Reasons 19-27 why we love ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

19: Kwazy Cupcakes! is now a real iOS and Android game you can download

Remember the game that rendered Gina (and later Holt) virtually useless to the Nine-Nine for a few days? If you haven’t experienced this special type of addiction, now you can for your iPhone or Android. If you’re already familiar with games like Candy Crush or Bejeweled, you’ll be able to adapt to this one pretty quickly.

20: The cast cleans up nicely

Just look at these fine folks, strolling down the red carpet for the SAG Awards last week.

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Via: Zap2It

21: The March 1 episode is set to feature some ‘romantic stylez’ moments

According to Dan Goor, who talked to EW about the episode that will feature a wedding, it seems like more than a couple relationships will be at the forefront for that night. We certainly look forward to it!

During the March 1 episode, Darlene (Sandra Bernhard) and Lynn (Stephen Root), the parents of Gina (Chelsea Peretti) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), respectively, will be getting hitched. That’s right, the former late-night lovers will be related after their parents tie the knot.

The episode featuring the nuptials will also mark a turning point for another of the show’s couples, Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Marcus (Nick Cannon), the captain’s nephew. “There are some romantic moments that might happen,” executive producer Dan Goor says, noting that Peralta and Santiago will also be working a case together during this episode. (See, at least there’s that!)

22: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ will be back for season 3

At Fox’s TCA event this month, it was announced that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back for season 3, along with a slew of other Fox shows.

23: The cast hanging out together… in Paris

Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) not only has an overall great Instagram account (@StephBeatz), but she has been posting pictures of her visit to France, featuring some familiar faces.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.11.35 AM

24: Are you wearing a watch? You might want to check it because we have a question for you

Via: Tumblr

25: Phony smiles

From Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2, episode 14, “The Defense Rests,” you can read the full recap here.

“Now put on your phoniest smile cause we’re going into the belly of the beast.”

This can also be used as a pretty great reaction gif.

26: Stephanie, Melissa and Chelsea talking about how they got their dogs

27: Ants vs. the Nine-Nine: Cold War part deux

This cold (heh) open from last Sunday’s episode proved that even the police and detectives who protect Brooklyn are not immune to an ant infestation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not new this Sunday, February 1, but will return February 8!

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