2017 is a great year for Ready Player One fans. On top of the movie hype, we now have a sequel announcement.

Right on the heels of the new Ready Player One trailer, Ernest Cline has announced that he is, in fact, working on a sequel to the acclaimed novel.

It’d previously been rumored that a sequel was in the works, but we’ve never had any confirmation from the one person who really controls that decision. Until now, that is.

The Verge reports that during a Facebook livestream, the author said the following about writing a sequel:

“It’s true. I can’t talk about it too much, but there’s no better inspiration for a writer to return to a world they’ve already worked on when they’re watching Steven Spielberg bring that world to life.”

We definitely can’t wait to see the world come to life on the big screen, next year, but the thought of a follow-up novel is almost more exciting. Cline is known for his fun, pop-culture-Easter-egg laden material, specifically when it comes to ’80s references.

We can’t wait to read the next story that he comes up with, especially if it takes place in the world of Ready Player One, presumably with some of the same characters.

Cline did not comment on when we could expect a sequel, or what it would be about, but it’s just great to know that we’re getting one, eventually.

What would you want to see in a ‘Ready Player One’ sequel?

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