The jury’s still out on whether or not Disney will make our wildest dreams come true and give us a Princess Diaries 3. Even so, that hasn’t stopped some of the Princess Diaries alumns from weighing in on the possibility of coming back for a third installment!

Raven-Symone, who’s currently starring on Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven spinoff Raven’s Home, recently stopped by Buzzfeed for a chat.

During the interview, Symone was asked about whether or not she’d be interested in returning for Princess Diaries 3, and her answer will undoubtedly please fans itching to see more of Mia Thermopolis on the big screen!

“Do I get to sing with Julie Andrews again?” replied Symone when asked if she’d consider reprising her role as Princess Asana. “Yeah, I’m going back on Princess Diaries 2! If I get to sing with Julie Andrews again, that would be awesome! I mean, I’m a Mary Poppins fan, so that’s just heaven for me.”

For those that need a bit of a refresher, Symone played the spunky Princess Asana in Princess Diaries 2, who had quite a memorable musical number with Queen Clarisse (Andrews) during Mia’s (Anne Hathaway) royal slumber party.

Symone isn’t the only Princess Diaries alumn who’s down to potentially return for a third installment.

Earlier this year, Julie Andrews revealed in a separate interview with BuzzFeed that both she and Hathaway would be game to return for a third film.

“There’s talk about it,” said Andrews. “And [Anne Hathaway]’s very keen to do it. I would very willingly and happily do it.”

Additionally, just last week, Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that there is a script that exists for Princess Dairies 3.

Unfortunately, Cabot wouldn’t go into details as to what the script entails, but it’s still exciting to know that it’s out there somewhere! There’s no telling whether not Disney will give Princess Diaries 3 the green light, but it’s still exciting to know that there are more than a few cast members who’d be interested in returning if they do!

Would you be interested in seeing a Princess Dairies 3 hit the big screen? Let us know in the comments below!

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