Spider-Man: Homecoming is finally out in theaters, but how does it compare to the other Spider-Man movies?

Spider-Man: Homecoming opened to fantastic reviews. The reviews are so great that it is now one of the highest-ranking superhero movies on Rotten Tomatoes.

Interestingly, Spider-Man 2 is a single percentage point higher than Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, this is not necessarily the best way to determine the quality of a movie.

Reviews detail the value of an individual movie, but they do not always give the full picture. Now, it is your turn to rank the more recent Spider-Man movies. With perspective on this franchise as a whole, each of these movies can be compared and seen from a new viewpoint.

This also largely depends on what you believe is most important in a Spider-Man movie, as each of these differ in so many ways. It could be the portrayal of Peter Parker. It could be the inclusion of a specific villain. Maybe the involvement of female characters. Or even the overall tone.

Now you decide! To play: Hit the green ‘Vote’ button next to each Spider-Man movie that you liked. The most loved will organically rise to the top!

Which Spider-Man movie is your favorite, and why?

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