12:00 pm EDT, June 12, 2015

Quiz: Which Sand Snake are you?

Sugar and spice and everything not-so-nice...

Sugar and spice and everything not-so-nice, that’s what the Red Viper’s little girls are made of.

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After Oberyn Martell’s death on Game of Thrones last season, his Sand Snake daughters splashed onto the screen this year with a whimper and thud. “What was all the fuss about?” wondered the unsullied show viewers, while book readers wept for Princess Arianne once again.

Oh, well. We’ll always have Sunspear, right?

So take our quiz! And find out which A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired Sand Snake is most like you!

There’s been a lot of talk lately as to whether the Sand Snakes depicted on Game of Thrones accurately represent the full diversity and overall badassery of the ladies introduced to us in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. From tough Obara, to sultry Nym, to the deceptively angelic Tyene, the Red Viper’s daughters are all as different as they are deadly.

Still, despite their differences in both appearance and nature, each of the eight girls is united by their love for their father and their family. Proud of their roots, they cling to their sisterhood and their sense of duty to Dorne.

They might be Sands, but Oberyn made sure that his girls are one-hundred percent Martell-bred. And under the guidance of their uncle, we can’t wait to see what kind of fire and blood the Sand Snakes will rain down on Westeros next.

So forget the tacky costumes and offensive accents — the Sand Snakes remain unbowed, unbent, and unbroken.

Tell us! Which Sand Snake are you?

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