6 answers we need in ‘The Magicians’ season 2

10:00 am EDT, January 24, 2017

The Magicians season 2 is set to premiere this Wednesday and I’ve just got a couple of requests for season 2.

How is everyone still alive?

This answer is most likely going to be given to us immediately since the premiere will probably pick up right where season 1 ended, but it doesn’t make it any less important.

They all come back to life after the Beast has clearly killed them at the end of the finale last year but the question is how? Does Julia come back and revive them? Isn’t bringing back dead people something really, really hard and/or impossible?

I’m really looking forward to the premiere just to find the answers to this one. I’m assuming it has something to do with the gross God semen from Umber but I’d rather not think about that one concept for too long.

How far into the book series will this season go?

I’ve only read the first book but I know that season 1 of The Magicians took parts of Julia’s story in the the other two books and combined them a bit, so what does this mean for season 2?

There are only three books in the entire series so I’m assuming that the show isn’t going to do much combining of the final two books this season, otherwise there would be no content for a possible season 3! And with all the attention The Magicians has been getting through Netflix and social media I’d be surprised if season 3 isn’t a done deal.

That being said, I’m not sure how many seasons The Magicians can go on past a third since the series is a trilogy. Perhaps Lev Grossman has some ideas up his sleeve if the series gets even more popular this season and SyFy wants to renew it for a fourth.

…but let’s just get through season 2 first.

What happened to Julia?

Julia struck a deal with the Beast and that’s the last we saw of her. We see her in glimpses from the trailers (which you can watch all of through our epic survival guide) but there’s no explanation of where she is or what she’s doing.

It’s obvious that the show doesn’t want to tell us those answers straight away but I’m so curious about what it will mean for her story this season. Will she be separated from the rest of the group like she was for all of season 1? I’m hoping that’s not the case because I absolutely loved seeing her finally get back together with Q.

What exactly will it mean to rule Fillory?

From the trailers we see Elliot explaining that they have enemies in the north and the south and that there’s a magic problem thanks to the Beast and all of that sounds like pretty standard kingdom ruling, or so I gather from the tons of fake kingdom stories I read all the time.

Will the kings and queens have to maintain a certain magical ability? Clearly not all of them have to be Master Magicians, but why does Fillory need so many kings and queens?

I’m particularly excited that Margo is made one of the queens because she’s one of my favorite characters and we barely got to see her last season. We got a fair bit but I’m really hoping for more time with Margo and discovering what kind of queen she’ll become.

How does Marina fit into all of this?

When we saw Marina last she helped Julia clean up after the horrible God summoning ceremony went wrong, and now there’s barely a glimpse of her in the trailers. What is she going to be doing now?

Marina strikes me as the kind of girl who will do anything for more power, so when she finds out about Gods and their immense power I imagine she’s going to want to go after it. I can imagine her being the type of person to make a deal with the beast to get the most power possible.

Who will survive?

This battle against the Beast has already taken so many lives, including Quentin and his friends (who were killed 39 times), so I can’t picture this season ending without at least one major character dying.

The question is: Who can they afford to kill? I think the biggest impact would be one of the characters from the main group like Alice, Penny, Julia, Margo and Elliot. They are the central focus for the show but they’re not as central as Quentin. However, killing one of the central characters off so soon in the series might make for really upset fans.

The same can’t be said for Kady. I’m not sure where she is after she ran when the trickster God attacked but I’m sure she’ll come back at some point this season. I just wonder, is she strong enough to survive? I’m not quite sure she is and therefore I think her likelihood of being killed this season is increased.

What do you want answered in ‘The Magicians’ season 2?

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