‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9: 8 burning questions that must be answered

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2:00 pm EST, August 22, 2013

by Josiah

How I Met Your Mother season 9 will be the comedy’s final outing. The adventures of Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson, and Robin Sherbatsky are winding down to an end.

This season is set to take place all in one crazy wedding weekend. Barney and Robin (BRObin) are finally getting married.

Or are they? Below are some questions that still have yet to be answered before the series comes to a close this year.

What exactly is Barney’s occupation?

Throughout the whole series of HIMYM, Barney has never answered anyone when asked what he does for a living. Because Barney boasts owning a jumbo wall-size television, a replica Stormtrooper costume, and at least 100 of the best made suits, all of his friends wonder how he is so rich. In all honesty, Barney probably makes more money than all of the gang combined. By the end of the show, will we find out what Barney does for a living?

Verdict: Ha. Please.

Will the last slap be dealt?

Early on in the show Barney and Marshall made a bet about Robin’s past. After he won, Marshall was able to slap Barney five times over any amount of time. Marshall was later rewarded more slaps once Barney lost yet another bet. With Marshall dealing them out every so often, only two slaps remain. Will we get to see Barney get what he deserves?

Verdict: At least one slap is scheduled to take place this season. Check out TheSlapBetCountdown.com for a countdown to the slap’s exact date.

Will Barney and Robin end up getting married?

Just because the season will be taking place around the wedding doesn’t mean that Barney or Robin will go through with his/her decision. Barney showed many signs last season that he was not even remotely ready to get married. Also, Ted might start to show feelings for Robin once more if he goes into another Robin-Relapse. What will happen in the end to BRobin? Will we find out the end to their love story?

Verdict: Yes, I really do think that the couple will get married and Ted will let go. We will definitely find out the end to their story.

Will Marshall and Lily move to Italy?

Last season left off with Marshall and Lily making a tough decision for their future. Lily was offered a trip to go to Rome as The Captain’s art consultant. Marshall convinced her to take the job even though she already told The Captain “no” twice. Will the couple decide to move away from their friends and family for a whole year?

Verdict: I personally don’t think that the couple should move because I like the gang all together in New York. Without a doubt, though, we will find out whether they plan to move come next May.

Will Marshall become a lawyer?

As if Marshall and Lily’s decision to move to Italy wasn’t tough enough, Marshall was given the opportunity to become a judge. Because he has switched firms many times, Marshall has been down a rough path with his job as a lawyer. Now his dream job opens up for him and he might not be able to take it because of the trip to Rome. Will Marshall follow his dreams of becoming a lawyer?

Verdict: In my opinion, Marshall should take the job. He can always take Lily on vacation to Rome with all of his new money.

What is the mother’s name?

The big reveal of the mother (Cristin Milioti) at the end of last season got the audience in a huge commotion. The few things that the audience knows about the mother right now are that she plays guitar, paints pictures of robots playing sports, and carries a yellow umbrella. We don’t even know the girl’s name yet, for crying out loud. Will we learn the character’s name on the show?

Verdict: I think the chances are high for this one. Ted can’t just call this girl “the mother” even if the name fits Barney’s favorite line, “Daddy’s home.”

Will we get to know the mother?

A big problem with getting to know the mother is that many fans will be let down. Sure, Ted might think that his wife is cute, funny, and adorable, but will the audience? After eight years of building up to this infallible woman, many fans may be expecting too much. Is the mother funny? Does she like “sandwiches”? Is she a Star Wars fan? How much will we get to know about the mother?

Verdict: Cristin Milioti is now a series regular for season 9 of HIMYM. The audience should get used to seeing her around even if she isn’t quite with Ted yet.

Will Ted’s kids be named?

It’s funny to think that in eight years of the show older Ted has only called his kids “kids.” At this point, neither of Ted’s kid’s names are known. What we do know is that Ted wanted his son and daughter to be named Luke and Leia after the Star Wars characters. Will the kids be stuck with their names because of their dad’s obsession, or will we find out the kid’s real names?

Verdict: Whether on a first date or during a flash forward, there is a fair chance that Ted will discuss names for their kids with his wife.

In summary…

What do you think about the gang maybe splitting apart? Are you happy with the love stories between everyone? Are there any unanswered questions that you are dying to know? We will all just have to wait to find out what happens in the final season of How I Met Your Mother which starts Monday, September 23.

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