Quantico has officially been renewed for a third season! Now that season 2 is over, it’s time to start thinking about what we want to see next.

Season 2 of Quantico ended with what actually could’ve been a fairly satisfying series finale. That’s the problem with late renewals. The creators have to decide if they want to prepare as if this could be that last time we ever see these characters, or to hope for more and risk ending on a cliffhanger. In the case of Quantico season 2, they definitely chose the former.

As far as how things left off, it was a fairly, “happily ever after,” type situation. Yes, Alex is on the run, but at least she ended up that way by protecting her country. And of course, her travel companion could definitely be worse.

Unfortunately, “happily ever after” doesn’t usually happen, in real life. Yes, there are brief moments when everything seems to line up, but then the story goes on. There are new problems to be faced tomorrow. New obstacles to overcome.

Since we’ll be getting the grand privilege of seeing what that omnipresent “tomorrow” holds for these characters, let’s start thinking about what we would want it to bring! Check out our thoughts, and let us know what you want to see, in the comments.

Relevant political storylines

Quantico season 2 tackled the Muslim registry, the glass ceiling, impeachment, and countless other political storylines that are more than relevant in the world, today. It’s so important for TV shows, like Quantico to take on these topics. It gives viewers a safe and removed lens with which to view the issues, allowing them to form their own opinions and to hear those of others. Let’s hope that, even though Alex is on the run, Quantico continues to tackle these big issues in season 3. So far, they’ve been doing a fantastic job!

The entire Haas family

quantico 2x18, caleb, clay, claire haas

Caleb Haas has always been a favorite of ours, and a face that we always hope to see, but let’s go ahead and throw his whole family in! We’ll never not wish for more Caleb, but now that we’ve gotten to know Clay, and have come around a bit on Claire, we’d love to see them stick around too.

What we don’t want to see is a Shelby/Clay romantic reunion. At times, we got swept up in it, just like everyone else, but seriously, she cannot date every male in that family! Now if they’re thinking about a Shelby/Caleb reunion…

Harry and Sebastian

Quantico 2x09, harry doyle, sebastian chan

We were definitely reluctant to accept the new characters into our hearts at the beginning of Quantico season 2, but Harry and Sebastian broke through and stayed. Now that both of the actors are busy with other projects, it’s not certain that we’ll ever see them again! Unacceptable. It wasn’t over (it still isn’t over).

There’s so much more story to tell with these two boys. Harry hasn’t even come close to resolving his issues with letting people in, Sebastian just dropped a huge bomb on us before disappearing, and last but not least, their budding romance still needs to come to fruition. Hopefully they’ll be able to get the actors for at least a few episodes of Quantico season 3 so they can get to work on some of these problems.

A real chance for Ralex

Despite the fact that Alex and Ryan were together in both season 1 and 2 of Quantico, due to the dual storyline, we’ve never actually seen them together without knowing that they were doomed. Alex and Ryan both learned a lot about themselves in the back half of Quantico season 2, and it seems like they might finally be ready for each other.

We don’t want to see Alex and Ryan on the run together for the entirety of season 3, because we kind of like it when they talk to other people too, but we do hope their time as fugitives strengthens their bond to a point where they’re not constantly in limbo. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

The glass ceiling shattered

quantico 2x11, shelby wyatt, claire haas

With Miranda in charge of the FBI and Claire Haas in charge of the country, the beginning of Quantico season 2 actually looked pretty great for women in power. Then, because the glass ceiling still exists in real life, and on TV, it was all turned upside down. Since women will still be at the forefront of Quantico, we hope to see them keep fighting to get what they deserve.

Shelby at Quantico

quantico 2x18, shelby wyatt

In the season 2 finale, Shelby casually mentioned that she’s now working at Quantico! Now that the whole world knows the gang as agents, their career paths are somewhat limited, but we’re so glad that Shelby found a way to stay in the game.

We’d love to see Shelby getting the new recruits into shape, especially on the shooting range. It’d be amazing if she brought her friends and former fellow NATs in as guest coaches, as well. The gang could all get back together in the place where they met!

What do you want to see in ‘Quantico’ season 3?

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