Quantico season 2 returns on Monday. Here are five, spoiler free teases from the episode to help you make it through, until then!

1. A character who we haven’t seen since season 1 will return

We’ve already had a wonderful cameo appearance from Will Olsen, and we’ve been dying for more, ever since. In Quantico season 2, episode 9, our prayers will finally be answered, with another familiar face returning. This character will step right back into their season 1 role and play it like nobody else could.

2. In the Farm timeline, one recruit will seriously betray another

Despite the every-person-for-themselves mentality at the Farm, the recruits are actually becoming friends. One of the closest friendships will be seriously tested in the near future, since once recruit completely sells out another in Quantico season 2, episode 9.

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3. Alex and Ryan will lose someone or something that they hold very dear

In this deep undercover assignment, there’s so little for Alex and Ryan to hold on to, to maintain their relationship and their sanity. Since Alex was cut from the FBI operation and decided to go it alone, there’s even less binding them together.

Quantico season 2, episode 9, will see someone or something else taken from them. Hopefully there’s still something left to hold them together, although from the future timeline, it looks like maybe there isn’t!

4. There will be at least one shocking kiss

In terms of hook ups at the Farm, we thought we’d seen it all, but the nature of the Farm assignment in Quantico season 2, episode 9, will bring out a different side of the recruits. The assignment itself is one of their most controversial, yet! While some recruits fail, some will reveal new capabilities and desires.

5. Two people will make huge confessions to Alex

We’re not going to say who’s confessing, or even in which timeline, but we can definitely tell you that Alex gains some valuable information!

Quantico returns on Monday, January 23 at 10/9c on ABC. Check out the trailer for season 2, episode 9, “Cleopatra,” here!

What do you think these teases mean for ‘Quantico’ 2×09?

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