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‘Quantico’: Caleb Haas needs to be in season 2

Here are 5.5 reasons why

Caleb Haas was a fan favorite character in Quantico season 1, and we’re just not ready to let him go yet.

We’re getting very close to the premiere of Quantico season 2, which will be on September 25, and news about the show’s return has been steadily rolling in over the summer. Along with a whole cast of new characters who’ll be joining Alex in the CIA, it seems like we’ll also see most of our favorite season 1 characters.

We know that the main cast will include Alex, Ryan, Shelby, the twins, and Miranda, which is very exciting for fans of the first season. However, there’s one character who’s not on that list, and who hasn’t been showing up in any of the pictures from set. Caleb Haas has been noticeably absent from Quantico season 2, so far, and we’re starting to worry.

All hope is not lost, yet. The official twitter account for the Quantico writers tweeted the following, shortly after the main season 2 cast was revealed.

They even went so far as to pin the tweet to the top of their feed! They’re a lot further along in filming than they were at the time of this tweet, and there’s still no sign of Caleb, but this does give us some hope that we’ll still see him in Quantico season 2.

Just in case they’re still not sure, and to remind Quantico fans why we love this character, we’ve come up with the top 6 reasons why we absolutely need to see Caleb Haas in season 2! Tell us your own reasons in the comments.

1. The ‘Claire Haas = assistant terrorist’ plot


The reveal that Claire Haas actually used Liam’s terrorist plot to boost her election results was definitely one of the most shocking parts of the Quantico season 1 finale. There were a lot of clues that the Haas family had some serious issues, but for a while, we thought Claire’s true love for her son meant that she was the more morally upright parent. Then, there was that whole heroine thing…

Put simply, the Haas family is too interesting to leave behind, especially with Claire’s VP position. There’s no way that Alex is just going to let Claire’s involvement with Liam slide. Thankfully, she just doesn’t have it in her. Also, since this is potentially the only plot that will tie back to the mystery of season 1, we need to see it play out.

Caleb was there when Alex confronted Claire, so of course, he would have to be involved in any further investigations. In fact, based on his look in the season 1 finale, he could be investigating as we speak. There can’t be a Claire Haas take down without Caleb, and Alex wouldn’t be Alex if she let Claire get away with what she did.

2. Mark Raymond


Even though Mark Raymond ended up having nothing to do with the main Quantico mystery, he was still one of the most fascinating parts of season 1. Mark was so much more than a distraction to make us suspect Caleb, he tied into the extremely complex and interesting Systemics plot.

Caleb and Clayton may have been successful in commencing the downfall of the cult, but that wasn’t Caleb’s only mission. His friend is still in there, so he can’t be finished with Systemics, yet. Also, Will Olsen was an important player in the Systemics plot, and even though he was hurt in the mission, we can’t see him leaving a man behind. The Caleb/Will bromance can’t be dead!

An unfortunate aspect of Caleb’s character is that he tends to fail a lot. His plans usually don’t work out, and he even manages to ruin most of his relationships. Even though Clayton’s plan was a success, Caleb’s failure to retrieve his friend meant that this was just one more thing that he couldn’t accomplish. His arc can’t end on this failure. We need to see him come back, and finish what he started.

3. The comic relief


Most Quantico characters have their funny moments, but Caleb lives for them. When he’s not giving Shelby celebrity nicknames, he’s spouting hilarious one liners about “penetration” and “memes.” Caleb managed to be a character of substance, even though 50% of his lines made us laugh out loud! Quantico season 2 could function without Caleb’s laughs, but would it really be as great? We think not.

4. His analyst skills


Caleb didn’t choose the analyst life, the analyst life chose him. Caleb’s intention was always to be a normal NAT, and to go on to be an FBI agent, but his journey had a little hiccup in it. When he got demoted, we got to see his analyst skills at work, and he was amazing at it! Even though he eventually got reinstated, and became an agent, his analyst skills still shone through in all of his work.

All of our favorite NATs are extremely talented, but Caleb brings something different to the table. Whether he’ll be in the FBI, helping Alex find evidence against Claire, or rescuing his friend from Systemics, any mission would benefit from having Caleb as the analyst at the helm.

5. Shaleb


It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over! Caleb and Shelby found each other very early in their days at Quantico, and despite some rather large bumps in the road, they were still holding on to each other in the season 1 finale. The show can’t make us quit, cold turkey in season 2. We need our Shaleb fix!

If Caleb doesn’t appear in season 2, there will surely be a throwaway line from Shelby about his whereabouts, and how or why things didn’t work out between them, but that’s not enough. If Quantico is going to take Shaleb away from us, we’re just masochistic enough to need to see the end play out on our TV screens. They owe us that much.

That being said, we really hope it’s not over between these two. First of all, we just really love seeing them together. They play off each other, and balance each other so well. Also, much like the Mark Raymond plot, Caleb has seemed to fail a lot in his quest to make things work with Shelby. We can’t let him go with yet another unresolved failure on his record. We need to see this boy succeed.

6. The abs


Full disclosure: this was originally a “Top 5” list, but then Caleb took his shirt off and the abs demanded to be heard. Not much to say here, but I think we can all agree that it would be a tragedy to never see that stomach again on Quantico.

Why do you need to see Caleb Haas in ‘Quantico’ season 2?

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