‘Quantico’ 2×11 recap: Who do you work for?

1:28 am EDT, February 7, 2017

Quantico season 2, episode 11, had many characters wondering if they’d chosen the right side.

Between the Alby reunion, the return of the calculating Will Olsen, and all of the Ralex feels, Quantico season 2, episode 11, felt like a beautiful ode to some of the best parts of season 1. Even with the escalating drama in both timelines, some of our favorite characters still managed to shine in ways that we’ve been missing. Read our review, for more on that.

‘Quantico’ 2×11 recap

The Farm

quantico 2x11, alex parrish, owen hall

Now that basically everyone is aware of the AIC (I think Sebastian is the only one who’s truly oblivious, poor guy), things are much different, at the Farm. The focus has shifted from trying to figure out what the AIC is, and who’s a part of it, to how our characters actually feel about what they’re being asked to do.

Since they now know who’s behind the mysterious phones, the recruits can truly assess if/how they fit into the AIC, and are beginning to show their true colors. Dayana fully believes that the orders they’re being given are for the greater good, while Leon is thinking much more carefully about everything. Ryan is dutifully following orders, as usual…except when it comes to Alex’s life, that is!

Never has Ryan Booth been more attractive than when he came busting through that hallway to save his girl. He took out those men like it was absolutely nothing. I really didn’t know he had that in him! I was initially disgusted when he left Alex without backup to follow Dayana and Leon, but he really turned things around in a way that actually made me respect him more as an agent, and also as Alex’s (for now) fiancé.

Another character who earned my respect in Quantico season 2, episode 11, was Owen Hall. Alex spent the entire episode trying to convince him of something that he already knew, and he almost gave up his life because of it. In the end, however, he actually agreed to help expose his daughter.

quantico 2x11, alex parrish

For Owen to be able to go against his daughter to do what’s right for the CIA, especially when he’s had such a rocky relationship with the organization, speaks volumes of his character. He knows what she’s doing is wrong, and even though part of him still wants to choose her, Alex was able to convince him that their relationship couldn’t be salvaged if he just looked the other way. Props to Alex for saving Owen in more ways than one, in this episode.

I can’t help but wonder if this is how Owen ends up getting arrested. Lydia made it seem like it was Alex’s fault, when we saw her in the future timeline, so maybe this is what she meant. It’s Alex’s fault that Owen began working against Lydia. Maybe, Lydia will find out what they’re doing and will find a way to get him arrested, to stop him.

The one thing I loved more than the Ralex scenes in the Quantico season 2, episode 11, Farm timeline, was the return of Alby (Alex/Shelby)! These girls are still killing it together in the hostage situation, but they only ever get to talk on the phone.

It was so nice to see them in a room together, figuring things out. Shelby has really come into her own in Quantico season 2, so if these girls keep working together, they’re going to be unstoppable.

While Alby reunited in Quantico season 2, episode 11, another relationship got a lot shakier. Sebastian and Harry have been working through whatever they have between them, all season, and we may have just witnessed the beginning of the hatred they have for each other, in the hostage situation. Their dynamic and situation is so interesting to watch and explore, so I hope we get to see it play out, at least a little bit more, at the Farm.

The hostage situation

quantico 2x11, alex parrish, ryan booth, ralex

Will Olsen is back, baby. He was every bit as brilliant, calculating, loyal, and loveable as the man we knew him to be in season 1! It was a little dicey at first, when he was facilitating an execution, but he came around.

One of the most admirable things about Will is his lack of bias. He has such a pure heart, and he truly believed that he was doing the right thing in executing those people, at first. But, when Ryan offered up new information and a different perspective, his wonderful little wheels started turning, and he was able to reassess the situation to come to a different conclusion.

Ryan won me over, yet again, in the hostage situation. He’s not just blindly following orders here. He’s seriously questioning what he’s gotten himself into, just like Nimah was in the previous episode, and it allowed him to save the day. Also, back to Ralex, for a second. That look between them certainly seemed loving for two people who are allegedly broken up…Could their break up just be a misdirect?

One of the most interesting dynamics at play in Quantico season 2, episode 11, was between Leon and Dayana. Rather than letting her kill her mark at the Farm, as Nimah instructed him to do, he stopped her. Then, she betrayed him, once again.

In the hostage situation, Leon seems to want back into the AIC, and is trying to get there, through Dayana! He also potentially tried to save them both by seemingly using Dayana’s locations as his own, during his interrogation. Is he still working for the FBI? Is there any hope for Dayana being innocent? Do these two actually trust each other, or are they playing each other?

Now that everyone’s on their way out of the building, terrorists included, we’re sure we’ll get these, and many other answers, very soon!

‘Quantico’ 2×11 recap: What’d you think of the episode?

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