Though an estimated 200 million people across the globe will watch the Super Bowl tonight, another huge event is happening as well: the Puppy Bowl! Check out this gallery of photos of cute puppies watching their favorite teams go at it!

The Puppy Bowl, hosted every year by Animal Planet, has grown to be a pop culture event in its own right, with millions of people watching as a lead-in to the biggest television event of the year: the Super Bowl.

With the help of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’ve compiled some of the cutest pictures of people’s pets all over the world watching the annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! Check them out below.

[scrollGallery id=1150 autoScroll=false thumbsdown=true]

Of course, we had to throw one of the kitty in there as well! If you missed tonight’s Puppy Bowl, you can check out all 139 players (aka puppies) right here!

Do you have a cute picture of your puppy or pet watching the Puppy Bowl? Post it in the comments section below so we can all sit at our computers and tablets and say “awwwwww” while the big game is on!

For more inspiration of pets watching the Puppy Bowl, check out the hashtag #puppybowl on Instagram or Twitter! Thanks to the users for allowing us to post your pics of your adorable puppies (and kitties!) on our site for all to see!

Thanks to Instagram users socialc, larasully, beckienbaum, as well as Kari, Kyle and Dareth for contributing photos!

The Super Bowl kick-off is tonight at 6:30pm ET on CBS!

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