The Punisher season 2 has officially been greenlit, and now we have a wishlist of items we’d love to see in the series’ second installment!

The series will continue to stay on Netflix, though no other details have been given at this time. Likely, we can expect much of the same all-or-nothing attitude we’ve come to expect from Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle.

So, what do we want to see in The Punisher season 2?

More Karen Page

One of the best parts about The Punisher season 1 was Frank and Karen’s relationship. The official Punisher account may ship Kastle as hard as the rest of us, so let’s hope that we see more of Ms. Page in the show’s second season.

Season 1 saw Karen doing what she does best, which is digging for the truth. It got her into a little bit of trouble, but since Frank is totally fine taking a bullet for her, things turned out well for both of them in the end.

The best part about it is we still have all this tension between the two characters. There was a fleeting moment during that elevator scene where we thought they’d kiss, but seeing as Frank was half dead, it’s probably for the best that it didn’t happen. Here’s to hoping season 2 gives us even more Kastle moments.

A different kind of story

In Daredevil season 2, we saw Frank exacting revenge on the gangs responsible for the death of his family. They may have pulled the trigger, but they weren’t the real reason why Frank’s family died. In The Punisher season 1, Frank learned the conspiracy was much bigger than a sting gone wrong.

By the time Punisher came to a close, the door was closed on what happened to Frank’s family, and I hope it stays that way. For Punisher season 2, I want to see Frank take on a different battle. We know Jigsaw is a definite possibility for season 2, which will give the story a personal touch, but I’m looking to see Punisher become a hero for the people rather than someone labeled as a terrorist at large.

More crossover

We got a few episodes with Karen, but I’d love to see more characters make their way over to The Punisher season 2. Matt, in particular, would be a great one to have in Frank’s world. He doesn’t see eye to eye with Frank’s methods, but he also doesn’t believe Frank is a bad guy. The tension and moral differences in the two makes for a complex and compelling narrative.

Another person I’d love to see jump into Frank’s world is Jessica Jones. There probably wouldn’t be many words exchanged between the two of them, but I’m sure they’d both appreciate that. Jessica and Frank like to punch things and get shit done, so imagine if they teamed up for a couple episodes. Hilarity and badassery would ensue.

Less gratuitous violence

As I’ve written about before, I don’t mind violent movies and television shows (quite the opposite, in fact), but the violence in The Punisher season 1 didn’t sit well with me. I hope season 2 can rein it in a little bit. Make us believe that Frank can operate in a world with Daredevil and get away with it.

The last thing I want, however, is a show that isn’t true to the spirit of The Punisher. Frank Castle is a violent guy. I don’t want that to change. I think his outlook on life and his method of dealing with his trauma is what makes him such an interesting character, especially within the MCU. I just hope season 2 can find that middle ground a little easier.

Continued emotional depth

Some of the most poignant scenes in The Punisher involved Frank connecting with new characters like David and Sarah Lieberman, as well as Dinah Madani. Despite how the authorities, and therefore the media and the general population, feel about about Frank, he’s a good man with a caring heart.

In season 2, I’d love to see more moments like this. Frank’s scenes with Karen are beautiful, and his instant connection to Sarah was delightful (until it got kind of uncomfortable). Despite his gruff exterior, Frank is just looking for a place to belong, a new family to take care of. That was the Liebermans in season 1. Who will it be in season 2? Continue to show us that The Punisher is more than just the violence he enacts.

Even more Easter eggs

Fans of the MCU live for Easter eggs and comic book references in all the movies and television shows they watch. While there were several great ones in The Punisher season 1, I hope we have even more in season 2. Micro was a good place to start, and Jigsaw is a promising venture for season 2, but give us more references to the wider cinematic universe.

In addition to more mention of what’s going on with The Defenders and the bigger players like Tony, Steve, Thor, and Bruce, I’d love to see even more of The Punisher comics come to life. Jon Bernthal plays such a nuanced version of Frank Castle, he deserves to live in a universe full of characters from the comics that he can play off of. His relationship with David was both contentious and heartwarming. Let’s give him more relationships to develop that will drive his story forward.

What are you looking forward to in ‘The Punisher’ season 2?

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