by Irvin K

There are jokes about a Puffs/Lightning Thief crossover that we would watch in a heartbeat!

We love nothing better than when our fandoms interact – who can forget the thrill of Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.K. Rowling tweeting at each other? On Saturday, we saw a bromance beginning on Twitter between the two theatrical book adaptations we love best: The Puffs (Harry Potter) and The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson) musicals.

Puffs has made a habit of creating posters for Puffs versions of the shows on Broadway, and hanging those up in their lobby for fans’ amusement. So they welcomed The Lightning Thief to off-Broadway with just such a poster:

At first, it was just a mutual love-fest:

But when faced with two beloved fandoms crossing over, this writer couldn’t resist chiming in:

Both shows seemed incredibly receptive to the idea.

As fans started brainstorming the lyrics and lines, the composer of Lightning Thief (Rob Rokicki) came up with the name:

The response, from Brian Hoes (composer of original music for Puffs):

Lightning Thief’s Twitter spoke for all of us:

And Matt Cox, playwright of Puffs, assured fans:

This kind of stuff just brings us joy. And let’s be honest, we would 100% watch a Percy/Potter crossover, especially if it was written by Matt Cox and Rob Rokicki! It would be hilarious, and yet would totally gut-punch us in the feels. Perhaps a one-night reading, a la Wizard Nights?

After all, Percy Jackson, is no stranger to crossovers, he goes on adventures with Carter and Sadie Kane all the time! And while Percy may not be a Puff (seems more like a Brave to us), we are confident that Grover is absolutely one! If he ever wore socks, they definitely would not match.

The Lightning Thief is running until May. Buy tickets here.

Puffs is currently booking through July 30. Buy tickets here (and save 10% with an exclusive Hypable offer!).

Do you want a Puffs/Lightning Thief crossover? What characters do you want to see interacting? And what Houses do you think the Percy Jackson characters belong in?

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