In a recent Q&A, Psych‘s Steve Franks answers questions about this season, next season, the final episode (whenever that may be) and the musical episode that was supposed to be in season 6.

From the interview with Digital Airwaves:

With such extraordinary response over the years, do you see an end to this show? What are your thoughts on the future?

You know, when we were doing the pilot, all I kept saying is, “You know that this show is going for five years. You know this show is going for five years,” and everybody is very superstitious on the set and they’re like, “Would you just shut up. Shut up. Stop saying that. Stop saying that.”

And then when we got to Season 3, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, we’re going 7.” So the joke has become 7. So now if we go one more, I think I’m going to have to up the joke again.

The second I feel like we’re just doing the exact same thing again, then I think we should get out while people still have good memories of the show.

And because of the definition of what the show is and what it can be, it’s not like, you know, this week we’ll solve a kidnapping; this week we’ll solve a murder; this week we’ll do a hit and run. It’s usually more about a sea lion or a polar bear. And there are a lot of crazy variations of stories in the world with the sort of rules and parameters that we’ve set up.

Do you have in mind what the pinnacle episode would be, to wrap it up for good when we finally have to say goodbye to it?

I do. I think I have something really good. And I think I have something that ties things together and brings us right back to the pilot in a great way. And I think that a good ending to a show resolves the question that’s posed in the pilot.

And I don’t know if I’m going to be the only one who loves it. But I have it. And I’ve never told anyone. It has to stay in my head because Chris [Henze] and Kelly [Kulchak], our other executive producers, are not great secret keepers. But I have a great way that I’d like to do it.

Can you talk about the status of the musical episode and why it didn’t make it into Season 6?

Yes, I will. And I wanted to make sure I address it because I shot my mouth off last year about how the musical episode was imminent and coming along.

I was going to come back from Canada [after shooting the premiere], close the door and work on nothing but the musical. And then in August, we were going to shoot the musical. Well, I came back from Canada, closed my door, and immediately people started opening it, asking me questions about all the other 15 episodes for the season. So I said, you know what, I’m very brazenly overconfident about a Season 7. I’m going to push it into Season 7.

So it was probably a little bit frustrating for people waiting for musical. But now I’m giving it the proper amount of time and attention. It’s going to be twice as good as first imagined.

He also talks about which character he is most like, Comic Con and the Psych fandom, and the crazy things he has in store for Shawn and Gus. Read the full Q&A here.

Are you looking forward to the musical episode or do you think it will be too contrived?


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